July 20, 2024

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The Wire “Homecoming”

Season Three, Episode Six.

Just to get this part out of the way, Carcetti is making some progress in his ambition to become mayor of Baltimore.  And that is all I have to say about that.

As for the rest of the episode, let’s look at the various contenders…

McNulty and Greggs Vs. Daniels

So, McNulty and Greggs are really pushing bringing Stringer in.  Stringer is about two steps away from being all but untouchable, but he’s been seen with Marlo Stanfield, so he isn’t untouchable yet.  Problem is, Daniels ordered the Detail to look into places where there are bodies, and no one’s dying because of Stringer Bell as near as they can make out.

When there are a few more bodies dropping due to Avon declaring war on Marlo, plus Bubbles actually telling Kima that Marlo doesn’t work for Stringer, that changes things, right?

Er, no.  Maybe Daniels is just stressed that he’s still doing political favors for his estranged wife, but he’s not happy McNulty and Greggs went behind his back.

Of course, Greggs suggests just asking Colvin request Daniels’ help.  That’s how the episode ends.

Bunk Vs. Omar

After a fruitless search for a missing police firearm, Bunk goes looking into the double homicide that resulted from Omar’s botched heist.  Putting out feelers gets a meeting with the man, and it turns out Omar already got to the witness.  Damn.  But remember, Bunk and Omar went to the same high school, so Bunk actually unloads on how the neighborhood used to be better, and it’s something to see Bunk that emotional.  Bunk isn’t any closer to finding the killer of the woman from Omar’s gang, but Omar got an earful all the same.

Colvin Vs. Crime

How is the Hamsterdam experiment going?  Seems to be working.  Sure, Colvin can’t get that one old lady still on the block to move, but crime is down in the rest of the neighborhood.  And hey, we get see guys like Herc and Carver persuading drug dealers to move to Hamsterdam.  Anything goes as far as that stuff goes.  That includes dumping a bunch of guys in the woods and pointing in the general direction of Baltimore.

This being The Wire, you know this won’t work out in the end.

Stringer Vs. Avon

Stringer is trying to build a couple condos.  And it looks like the city and the contractors may be even bigger crooks than the entire Barksdale Organization.  Avon has no patience for this sort of thing, and he wants his corners back from Marlo.  Stringer arguing that they can do things differently doesn’t mean much because Avon only knows one way to do anything and orders Cutty and Slim Charles to pull a drive-by on Marlo and his people.  The problem is due to Brother Mouzone putting out some word, Avon can’t get any quality people.  So, the drive-by goes wrong and two of Avon’s people end up dead (see above).  A second hit is halfway successful when Slim Charles can take down his target, but Cutty finds himself unable to pull a trigger on a kid.  He asks Avon if he can leave, and Avon lets the man go.  Avon still respects Cutty for what he was and still is.

As for Stringer…well, D’Angelo’s baby mama tells D’Angelo’s actual mama McNulty’s suspicions that D wasn’t a suicide.  That can’t be much better for Stringer in the long term…