April 19, 2024

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True Detective “The Locked Room”

Season One, Episode Three.

The first season of this show was great.  Really great.  And this episode ends with the announcement of a monster.  The monster is Reggie Ledoux, who’s walking around the backwoods wearing a gas mask and a pair of dirty tightie-whities and armed with what looks like a machete.

Walter White, he isn’t.

What happened to get to Reggie?  Well, following the burnt-out church, Marty and Rust track down the reverend who used to preach at the place to see what happened.  Rust is clearly disgusted by everything in both the past events and the present.  He must be a joy at parties.  Marty, moral hypocrite that he is, is more forgiving.  And Reverend Joel seems like a good guy all told.  Rust finds one suspicious fellow, but the guy couldn’t have killed Dora Lange for embarrassing reasons.  And we see Rust and Marty continue to argue.  Rust is thinking Dora Lange was killed by a serial killer.  He’s connecting a missing girl case to Dora.  Marty is saying Rust’s obsession with the case is creating tunnel vision that will make him miss the actual facts of the case.

Of course, by the end of the season, we’ll learn they’re both right.

But we have other things here.  Rust connects the missing girl to Dora, and then an old “accidental drowning” case.  The drowned girl attended a school run by the powerful Tuttle family, and when Rust goes there, he has a chat with the groundskeeper who…aw crap.  The Tall Man some of the revival folks spotted with Dora.

Anyway, missing girl was dating Reggie, who was a one-time cellmate with Dora’s ex-husband.

On the personal front, Marty is having problems with the adult women in his life.  He and Maggie are fighting, and his mistress has the gall to actually date someone else.  That’s the sort of thing that could cause him more heartache than anything else, and that’s not getting into his daughter’s disturbing sex pictures.  Marty claims he has no guilt or obsession, but he sure wasn’t happy to learn Rust was mowing his lawn.  Hint hint nudge nudge say no more.

No, wait, Rust was literally mowing the lawn?  That’s more symbolic than anything else.

Anyway, the guys in the present are promising a shoot-out in the past, so that’s surely coming soon.