May 27, 2024

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The Wire “Hamsterdam”

Season Three, Episode Four.

McNulty may be having a hard time lately.  He’s late for alimony, and when he tries going to Pearlman’s for a late night drunken bootie call, she won’t answer her door.  Then he spots Daniels’ car parked outside and figures a few things out.

As it is, he and Daniels talk later and McNulty wishes the two well.  That may be the easiest that anything can go down here.

Besides, McNulty, with help from Greggs, is still digging into Stringer Bell despite being told not to because McNulty more or less does what he wants to anyway.  He gets into a shouting match with Lester about that at one point, but then Lester has Prez pull some documents for McNulty anyway.  It seems Stringer is going legit with real estate holdings and the like, but Bubbles is back on Gregg’s CI payroll, and he spots Marlo Stanfield’s involvement in the potential gang war coming.

Who is Marlo?  Greggs finds out the guy’s a cold-blooded killer in the drug trade.  He’s not the soldier she assumes he is, but he’s bad news.

Worse news:  Avon is up for parole soon.

Bad news for Stringer:  D’Angelo’s girlfriend is asking questions about how D died.

And while I still don’t know where the Cutty story is going, I do know he gives up the manual labor stuff to go back to the drug trade and even proves useful to the likes of Bodie.

But what else should be seen on the horizon?  Carcetti has his eyes on the mayor’s office.

Plus Major Colvin is pushing his “Amsterdam” concept on the citizens and dealers.  Having Herc and Carver (among others) out trying to get dealers to move doesn’t seem to be working, but he thinks it can be made to work somehow.

You know, if the possible drug war goes really wrong, having all the dealers in one location seems like the potential for a really bad situation to come out of that.  But maybe Bunk can find that missing police sidearm before that happens.