April 1, 2023

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Spider-Man Complete Chronology Update 17

A quasi milestone for Jimmy as the Chronology passes the 1,000 issue mark.

Time sure does fly when you are reading a lot of Spider-Man comics.  Hard to believe it’s been two months since the last update.  I did have the holidays in there to take some of the blame, but it is what it is.

If you do a quick search around the interwebs you will see that I’m not the first (and likely not the last) to post a Spider-Man chronology.  They come in different flavors.  Some just stick to the major events.  Others include every minute little detail and cameo.  Some even take it to the point of doing panel by panel breakdowns, slicing and dicing books and slotting flashbacks appropriately.

I have my own loose set of rules that I follow.  Mainly I am trying to present the most all encompassing list, but with as little clutter as possible.  Generally that means that if Spider-Man shows up in one panel of a book just to show his Spider-Sense is going off, I won’t count that.

With that in mind, there were a couple of story arcs in this update that I internally struggled with whether to include or not.

The first being Spider-Man’s appearance in Avengers 329-333.  I’ve covered this arc already in my companion series of columns Spiders, Spiders Everywhere which looks at those cameos and such that I don’t include here.  I originally excluded it because although he appears, Spider-Man really doesn’t do or say much of anything.  But in reading through the chronology, it became apparent that one thing that happened in that arc would have a lasting significance.  Notably in Avengers 329, Spider-Man becomes a reserve Avenger.  (As does Sandman, which gets a lot of play in the regular Spider-books as well.)  This nagged and nagged at the back of my mind until I finally relented and decided I needed to include those books, though given their nature I really didn’t want to.  So eventually I split the difference and only included Avengers 329-330 and left the others in cameo.  Even 330 is a stretch that can probably be skipped, but I think 329 is significant enough to include.

The next story that gave me pause was the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series.  I had always planned to include it, but while reading through it again, I realized that Spider-Man’s role is pretty small.  To the point that he doesn’t appear at all in issue 5 and has a one panel cameo in panel 6.  I eventually decided that I would include it, and you should be reading Infinity Gauntlet if you haven’t anyway.  🙂  These event books have been a mixed bag in the chronology so far.  I included all of Secret Wars, but only certain issues of Secret Wars II.  The many annuals crossovers like The Evolutionary War and Atlantis Attacks I only included the Spider-Man issues.  There’s no hard fast rule, I just go by gut feel.

These sorts of things are going to get much trickier in the future when Marvel gets really event heavy and Spider-Man joins all the teams, including the Avengers and Fantastic Four.  Hell, he even taught the X-Men students for a short run.

Some housekeeping before moving on to the list.  Since the last update I managed to track down an old issue of The Thing which has a Spider-Man appearance.  I wasn’t sure about including this one either, as it is not much more than a context free, glorified cameo, but clocking in at five pages, it seemed to be weighty enough to make the cut.

  1. The Thing 05

At long last, here is the latest update to bring us up through Amazing Spider-Man #350:

  1. Web of Spider-Man 064 – A delayed Acts of Vengeance epilogue.  Peter makes a reference to Nathan’s heart condition which seems like he is still alive at this point.  Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 326 being a “few weeks ago”.  A Green Goblin flies by in the background.  Robbie turns on Peter over “faking” picture.
  2. Web of Spider-Man 065 – Acts of Vengeance aftermath.  Immediately after last issue.  Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 312.  MJ discovers Harry’s Goblin outfit.  Daily Bugle building condemned.  Peter’s picture on the cover of Jonah’s new magazine.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 334 – Return of the Sinister Six Part One.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man 335 – Return of the Sinister Six Part Two.  Direct reference and has to be after Spectacular Spider-Man 163.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man 336 – Return of the Sinister Six Part Three.  Death of Nathan Lubensky.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 337 – Return of the Sinister Six Part Four.  Nathan’s funeral.
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 338 – Return of the Sinister Six Part Five.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man 339 – Return of the Sinister Six Part Six.  Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 338.  Death of Jonathan Ceaser.
  9. Spider-Man 001 – Torment Part 1.
  10. Spider-Man 002 – Torment Part 2.
  11. Spider-Man 003 – Torment Part 3.  Immediately after Spider-Man 2.
  12. Spider-Man 004 – Torment Part 4.  Immediately after Spider-Man 3.
  13. Spider-Man 005 – Torment Part 5.  Immediately after Spider-Man 4.
  14. Marc Spector Moon Knight 19
  15. Marc Spector Moon Knight 20 – immediately after last issue.
  16. Marc Spector Moon Knight 21 – continues from last issue.
  17. Spectacular Spider-Man 165 – Daily Bugle have moved to a temporary office, so has to be after Web of Spider-Man 65.  Death of the Arranger.  Peter and Robbie have lunch at Jonah’s, after they fought in the office in Web of Spider-Man 64.  This overlaps with Web of Spider-Man 64-66, but I don’t think there is a way for it to make real sense.
  18. Spectacular Spider-Man 166 – Spidey off to London.  Gets amnesia.
  19. Spectacular Spider-Man 167 – Continues from last issue, not immediately but the same day. Still in London with no memory.  Issue finishes with memory back but still in London. Jerome kisses MJ.
  20. Web of Spider-Man 066 – Seems to overlap with the epilogue of last issue.  Peter is obviously back from London…or hasn’t gone yet? MJ is talking to Betty about finding Harry’s Goblin costume last issue, which was “last night”.  First official “good” Green Goblin appearance.
  21. Web of Spider-Man 067 – Pretty much immediately after last issue.
  22. Web of Spider-Man 068 – “Death” of Tombstone.
  23. Web of Spider-Man 069 – Robbie and Peter patch things up.  Kristy discharged from hospital.  She begins working as a full time baby sitter for the Osborns.
  24. Web of Spider-Man 070 – Continues from Web of Spider-Man 69.  First Spider-Hulk…oh dear…
  25. Spectacular Spider-Man 168 – New Daily Bugle building under construction.  Cap refers to Spider-Man as a “former Avenger”, so seems to be after Avengers 314-318.
  26. Spectacular Spider-Man 169 – Continues from and same day as Spectacular Spider-Man 168.  Kristy catches MJ kissing Jason Jerome, so has to be after Web of Spider-Man 69.
  27. Spectacular Spider-Man 170 – Continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 169.  Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 8.
  28. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 11 [Story 3 only] – Rhino story, Spider-Man appearance. Editor’s note that story takes place before Deadly Foes of Spider-Man mini-series.
  29. Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man 01 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 164. Editor’s note that the series takes place before Amazing Spider-Man 344.
  30. Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man 02 – Immediately after last issue.  Quite a bit of time passes during this issue and it likely overlaps other series, but will attempt to keep it intact.
  31. Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man 03 – Immediately after last issue.  Quite a bit of time passes during this issue and it likely overlaps other series, but will attempt to keep it intact.
  32. Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man 04 – Immediately after last issue. Quite a bit of time passes during this issue and it likely overlaps other series, but will attempt to keep it intact.  Rhino has his old suit removed and asks Justin Hammer to make him a new one.
  33. Amazing Spider-Man 340 – After Jonah has started his new weekly magazine.  Amazing Spider-Man 338 was “a couple of days ago”.  Direct reference to Marvel Comics Presents 49.  Spidey decides to have his powers removed.  A lead in to Powerless storyline.
  34. Amazing Spider-Man 341 – Powerless Part 1.  Immediately after last issue.  Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 137.
  35. Amazing Spider-Man 342 – Powerless Part 2. 1st Cardiac.
  36. Amazing Spider-Man 343 – Powerless Part 3.  Spider-Man’s powers are back…but Black Cat loses hers?  Aunt May starts dating Willie Lumpkin.
  37. Spectacular Spider-Man 171 – In flashback, Puma sells the Bugle back to Jonah for $1.
  38. Spectacular Spider-Man 172 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 171.  Finally the end of the Spider-Man/Puma fued and the MJ/Jason Jerome storyline.
  39. Web of Spider-Man 071
  40. Web of Spider-Man 072 – Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 71.
  41. Marvel Comics Presents 067 [Spider-Man Story only] – Context free but seems like it should be when Puma is not running the Bugle.
  42. Amazing Spider-Man 344 – Appears to be after conclusion of Jason Jerome storyline in Spectacular Spider-Man 172.  First Cletus Kasady.
  43. Amazing Spider-Man 345 – Cletus Kasady first comes in contact with Venom symbiote.  Venom’s back.
  44. Amazing Spider-Man 346
  45. Amazing Spider-Man 347 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 346.
  46. Spectacular Spider-Man 173 – Christmas Eve…not that i’m going there.  After Aunt May has started dated Willie Lumpkin.  Bugle building is back as are Jonah and Robbie. Feel like I missed a transition from Jameson Publishing or whatever it was.
  47. Spectacular Spider-Man 174 – Opening of the new Daily Bugle building, which must be just ceremonial since they were in the building and working on the paper last issue.  Last issue was the “other day”.
  48. Spectacular Spider-Man 175 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 174. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man Annual 18.
  49. Fantastic Four 347
  50. Fantastic Four 348 – Immediately after Fantastic Four 347.
  51. Fantastic Four 349 – Immediately after Fantastic Four 348.
  52. Spider-Man-Fantastic Four 03 – Appears to pick up immediately after Fantastic Four 349.
  53. What If V2 078 ..The New FF Had Remained A Team
  54. Spider-Man 006
  55. Spider-Man 007 – Immediately after Spider-Man 6.  To jive with Ghost Rider 16-17, it makes sense to have these issues after Fantastic Four 347-349.   That said, it sure doesn’t feel like Spidey just teamed up with him and formed the new Fantastic Four.
  56. Darkhawk 002 – Direct reference to Spider-Man 5-7 (though only 6-7 involve the Hobgoblin).
  57. Darkhawk 003 – Direct reference to Spider-Man 7.
  58. Avengers 329 – Spider-Man becomes reserve Avenger.
  59. Avengers 330
  60. Amazing Spider-Man 348 – Things at the Bugle seem back to normal.  Editor’s note to check out Amazing Spider-Man Annual 25 for more on Sandman. Has to be after Avengers 329.
  61. Spectacular Spider-Man 176
  62. Spectacular Spider-Man 177 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 176.
  63. Web of Spider-Man 073 – Art Attack part 1.   Direct reference to Sensational She-Hulk 3.
  64. Web of Spider-Man 074 – Art Attack part 2.   Last issue was “last month”…that seems more like a real world timeline.
  65. Web of Spider-Man 075 – Art Attack part 3. Continues the day after Web of Spider-Man 74, but likely nothing in-between.
  66. Web of Spider-Man 076 – Art Attack part 4. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 75.
  67. Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Man’s Amazing Friends 01 – Story 1 – editor’s note that it takes place before Web of Spider-Man 75…but it sure seems like after.  Ignore story 2, and the rest of the book is reprints.
  68. Ghost Rider 16 – Direct reference to Spider-Man 7.
  69. Ghost Rider 17 – Immediately after Ghost Rider 16.  Direct reference to Darkhawk 3 and Spectacular Spider-Man 147. Spidey says last time he met Ghost Rider was in Spider-Man 7.
  70. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1991 (#25) – Story 1 –  The Vibranium Vendetta Part 1.  Story 2 – yet another re-telling of Spider-Man’s origin.   Story 3 – Silver Sable and the Outlaws story that can be skipped. No Spider-Man. Story 4 – ditto for this Venom story.  Story 5 – and ditto again for this Chance story.
  71. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 11 – Story 1 –  The Vibranium Vendetta Part 2. Immediately after and direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man Annual 25.  Story 2 – Silver Sable and the Outlaws story that can be skipped. No Spider-Man. Story 3 – Rhino story that has been moved before Deadly Foes of Spider-Man mini-series. Story 4 – Fred Hembeck filler.
  72. Web of Spider-Man Annual 07 (1991) – Story 1 – The Vibranium Vendetta Part3. Immediately after and direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 11. Story 2 – Rocket Racer, no Spider-Man. Story 3 – re-telling of Venom’s origin with a great deal of his battle with Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man 347. Story 4 – origin of all the Green Goblins, but mostly focusing on Harry Osborn. Spider-Man appears in flashback. Story 5 – origin of the Hobgoblins. Spider-Man appears in flashback. Has to be after Hobgoblin appears in Darkhawk and the two battles with Ghost Rider. Story 6 – Silver Sable and the Outlaws story that can be skipped. No Spider-Man.
  73. Spider-Man 017 – There’s some controversy about the placement of this one.  Appears to be before Infinity Gauntlet as Thanos is wearing the Gauntlet.  But is it really Thanos and Death or just a dream/near death experience?  Other than Thanos, the story is context free.  Note that during this story when Spider-Man first encounters Thanos, he thinks that Thanos was dead, which could be before or after Infinity Gauntlet. After though, he shouldn’t have the Gauntlet.
  74. Cloak And Dagger 016
  75. Cloak And Dagger 017 – immediately after Cloak And Dagger 16.
  76. Cloak And Dagger 018 – Immediately after Cloak And Dagger 17.  Infinity Gauntlet crossover.  Direct reference to Spider-Man 6-7.  Has to be before and overlaps with Infinity Gauntlet.
  77. Web of Spider-Man 077 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 175-176.   Has to be after Cloak and Dagger 16-18.  Two figures in shadow (that I think it is safe to assume are Cloak and Dagger) comment to the fact that Spider-Man doesn’t know they are alive.  Which is fine based on Cloak And Dagger 16-18 and thus has to be before Infinity Gauntlet as Cloak has a prominent role with Spider-Man there. In the next issue of Web of Spider-Man, Spidey fights side by side with Cloak and Dagger, but makes no mention of thinking they were dead.
  78. Web of Spider-Man 078 – Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 77
  79. Sleepwalker 005
  80. Sleepwalker 006 – Immediately after Sleepwalker 5. Should take place before Infinity Gauntlet (though the Spider-Man free epilogue is during Infinity Gauntlet 1).
  81. Infinity Gauntlet 01 – 2 page Spider-Man cameo.  Context free.  Thanos wipes out half the universe.
  82. Infinity Gauntlet 02 – Spider-Man 2 panel cameo with no lines.
  83. Infinity Gauntlet 03 – Spider-Man appears throughout, but doesn’t have a whole lot to say or do.
  84. Infinity Gauntlet 04 – Spider-Man appears throughout, but doesn’t have a whole lot to say or do.
  85. Infinity Gauntlet 05 – No Spider-Man
  86. Infinity Gauntlet 06 – One panel Spider-Man cameo.
  87. What If – Newer Fantastic Four 01 [Story 1 only] – An alternate story following the events of  Fantastic Four 347-349, but also ties in heavily with Infinity Gauntlet.
  88. Spider-Man 008 – Perceptions Part 1.  Peter heads to BC.
  89. Spider-Man 009 – Perceptions Part 2.  Still in BC.
  90. Spider-Man 010 – Perceptions Part 3.  Immediately after Spider-Man 9. Still in BC.
  91. Spider-Man 011 – Perceptions Part 4. Still in BC.
  92. Spider-Man 012 – Perceptions Part 5. Still in BC.  Flies home.
  93. Amazing Spider-Man 349
  94. Amazing Spider-Man 350 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 349.   Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 169-170.

Be on the lookout for further updates coming soon.  And you will always be able to find the Complete Chronology in it’s permanent home under Spotlight Features in the menu under the Gabbing Geek banner.

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