February 2, 2023

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Stranger Things “The Bathtub”

Season One, Episode Seven.

I always suspected that Matthew Modine was the true face of evil.

Oh sure, you want to say the monster is the true face of evil, but he doesn’t seem to have a face, so he doesn’t count.

And hey, Steve Harrington may not be all bad.  He seems to feel bad about what went down with Nancy and he’s even trying to make up for it.

We’ll see.

And after the world’s least conspicuous army of electric company vans somehow fails to catch a couple kids on bikes…well, yeah, Eleven tossed one over the kids’ heads to block some others.  That is pretty awesome.

But now everyone is getting together and comparing notes.  Lucas and Mike have made up.  Eleven says she can maybe contact Will and Barb with a sensory deprivation tank.  Or, as she calls it, the bathtub.  And sure, Dustin will interrupt the science teacher’s night of nookie to learn how to make one with the stuff at the school.  How do these boys explain their interest in dimensional holes and sensory deprivation tanks?  I sure would love to know that.

Well, with the impromptu tank, Eleven is able find Barb.  She’s dead.  Why were people online confused about that?  Beats me.  Will is hiding in the Upside Down version of his forest fort.  It’s time to get serious.

So, we have one episode to go.  Joyce and Hopper were caught by Brenner’s people when they broke into the lab.  Jonathan and Nancy have decided to kill the monster with the stuff the cops confiscated from them earlier.  And Will was maybe finally found by that faceless thing.

Be back next week for the season finale.  Or, more accurately, my thoughts on it since most folks have probably seen it already.

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