March 2, 2024

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Stranger Things “The Monster”

Season One, Episode Six.

Hey!  Answers!  And Steve was almost sympathetic!

OK, let’s hit this in question form…

What made Steve almost sympathetic?

Well, Steve was worried about Nancy acting weird, more so than his jerk friends were.  And he spots her cuddling up with Jonathan and seems heartbroken.  Sure, he doesn’t know the whole thing is innocent, and that Nancy was shaken up after Jonathan had just barely pulled her through the portal from the Upside Down before the faceless thing got her.  No hanky-panky there.

Then Steve did some slutshaming in a public place, taunted Jonathan over the loss of his brother, and ran for it when the cops showed up to arrest someone.  Sure, Jonathan got caught, but Steve is still a douche.  Nice try, Douchey McDoucheface.

What does Dustin bring to the table?

OK, so, of the boys, Mike was the closest they had to a  leader, Will seems to be the nice one, and Lucas was the skeptic.  So, what’s Dustin’s role?  He’s the peacekeeper and the sensible one, apparently.  He recognizes that Mike and Lucas were both wrong after their tussle and gets at least Mike to realize it.  Yes, he does so with some Dungeons and Dragons references, but it’s a start.

Will Mike and Lucas make up?

Not right away.  There’s still the Eleven issue on the table.  But Lucas’ solo investigation leads him to the lab where he sees they have a hell of a lot of Power Company trucks.  And he saw one outside his house when he left.  And he saw a convoy of them headed to Mike’s place when the others got home.  Yeah, a convoy of power company trucks…that’s not suspicious or anything.

How’d the lab learn about the boys?  After the boys and Eleven had shorted out the ham radio, the repair guy worked for the lab, and that Glenn Close lookalike woman got the boys’ names from the science teacher.  That science teacher got off luckier than the diner owner, let me tell you.

Do Jonathan and Nancy get anywhere?  With the monster, Watson-minded types.

Yes, they do.  Nancy realizes the thing is a predator, and it seems to have a shark-like ability to sense blood.  A trip to a local Army Navy Surplus store gets them a ton of supplies ranging from bullets to bear traps.  Thank God for the 80s.  And that clerk sure was nonchalant when he was told what they wanted with all that stuff.  I guess he sees a lot of monster hunters.

Do Joyce and Hopper learn anything?

Hopper’s previous investigation into Dr. Brenner got him a name:  Terry Yves.  Terry sued Brenner to get her daughter back.  Said daughter didn’t seem to exist anywhere else.  Terry had joined Brenner’s project MKUltra while unknowingly pregnant and claimed her child got all kinds of nifty mental powers.  Or, that’s what Terry’s sister tells Joyce and Hopper.  Terry’s been catatonic for five years.  The child was lost to a late miscarriage twelve years ago.

Wait, mental powers, twelve years ago, and Hopper found a child’s room in the lab when he broke in…

What is wrong with those bullies?  Seriously?

Yeah, I get these guys are jerks, but one of them pulls a switchblade on Mike and Dustin.  That’s outright psychotic.  Only the timely arrival of Eleven keeps Mike from plunging to his death in the ravine.

Where did the gate come from?

Ah, here we go.  We know the gate’s in the lab, and Lucas found that much out on his own.  But Brenner was trying to get Eleven to go into that mental plane to contact the monster that freaked her out before.  And she found it, touched it, and it screamed or roared or whatever in her face.  So, she freaked out and the massive energy output of her mind opening the gate.  She knows she’s at fault, and says she’s the monster.

Er, well, you don’t want to get in the way of her and frozen waffles.  That much is certain.

You know, if the boys, the teens, and the adults just pooled their knowledge, they’d all know a lot more of what was happening.