June 12, 2024

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The Wire “All Due Respect”

Season Three, Episode Two.

Is the Cutty plotline going anywhere?  I mean, I am sure it is, but so far the guy has wandered around, was told he needed a job, and then went to work with some illegals doing yard work.

Oh well, at least Daniels got some with Pearlman.

Let’s go down the list now.

I don’t trust Carcetti.  He just seems like a weasel.  I doubt he’s helping Burrell for benevolent reasons.  And it’s not because of who’s playing the guy.  Nobody who has good motives uses Valchek to arrange a meeting.

Meanwhile, McNulty is looking into D’Angelo’s death.  What evidence there is seems suspicious, so why not look into it?  The hunt for Stringer isn’t working out too well.  Stringer is looking to earn without violence, and has Bodie looking for new rival Marlo Stanfield.  Bodie does find him, but all he gets for his troubles are some threats.

By the by, great moment when Bodie and Poot, with friends and dates, ran into Herc and Carver with their dates at the local multiplex.  I’m about as sure what Major Colvin is doing as I am what Cutty is doing, but he’s got some ideas to change things that don’t please the dimwitted duo.

Things aren’t working out for the Detail either.  Listening for Proposition Joe’s lieutenant Cheese finally seems to get some results when they get him going on about killing his dawg on a night when four guys are killed.  A quick raid gets Cheese arrested, though the interrogation lets him know that the police have his phone tapped and let the police know it wasn’t his dawg that he killed, but his dog.

And as a dog lover, that dog fight scene was brutal.

But we do have some, well not quite lighthearted, but at least fun stuff when Omar poses as a VA patient in a wheelchair to rob another one of Stringer’s stash houses.

So, really, still setting the table for the season.