November 29, 2023

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Vikings “Paris”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

You know, I’ve seen so many TV shows and movies featuring Paris, I tend to think the Eiffel Tower should be there, even though it won’t be built for a few more centuries.

So, what is going on now?

First, it looks like everybody came on the raid except for Aslaug, Too Pretty, and Too Pretty’s baby daughter.  There’s a scene between Aslaug and Too Pretty, probably so we don’t forget they exist (no luck there), but everyone else seems to be off raiding.

There’s also a lot of stuff going on in Wessex for some reason.  But let’s forget that because it seems pointless.  About the only thing worth noting is Ragnar and Ecbert seem to be the only guys missing Athelstan.  That, and there are all manner of creepy come-ons happening to different people.

Outside Paris, Ragnar decides to put That Asshole Floki in charge of the raid.  Why?  Good question.  I don’t know.  What I do know is That Asshole Floki thanks the gods and credits murdering Athelstan in such a way as to creep out Helga.  Yes, she came on the raid.  Weren’t you reading above there?

Inside the city, we meet King Charles, grandson of Charlemagne, his much more astute daughter Gisla, and one Count Odo, who is in charge of the defense of the city.

Wrong Odo.
Wrong Odo.

So, That Asshole Floki is building waterborne siege towers for a water assault while Lagertha will lead a land assault across the only bridge into Paris.  Will that work?  Well, that we shall have to wait and see.  Maybe we can get further if there’s less pointless stuff in England.