April 12, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Twenty-Six”

Season Two Finale.

Well, I guess Frank got his revenge.  Now he just has to live with it.

Somehow, I don’t think that will bother him much.

Yes, Frank is now President.  But let’s look at this through three characters and their ability to shrug off and deal effectively with keeping ahead of this game in reverse order for how well they do.


Doug sucks at the whole Rachel thing.  After that hacker dude–why is he still on this show again?–reveals he knows a whole lot about Doug, Stamper panics and tries to get Rachel to another “safe” location.  But all his pushing and the fact he’s basically kinda creepy pushes Rachel over the edge, so she clocks him with a rock a few times in the woods and steals his car, leaving him dead for all anyone knows.

Can I just say, Doug getting clocked with a rock was a very rewarding experience.



OK, Claire is almost as good as Frank at this stuff, but she still has that, whatdoyacallit, conscience.  As such, meeting the rape victim she set up for failure after the woman nearly killed herself, and then being told by Mrs. Walker what a good woman she is, sends Claire into a crying fit.  Of course, then she tells Frank to man up and finish the job when all hope seems lost and jail time for Frank is a distinct possibility.

So, maybe the idea that Frank wasn’t trying hard enough had to come from her.



So, yeah, Frank prevailed.  Big shock.  Walker figured out too late Frank was gunning for him, and even then Frank was able to trick his way back into the president’s good graces by writing a letter full of half-truths and a full “false” confession on who knew what about the money laundering.  Walker never knew, but due to Frank’s letter-writing skills, Walker rescinds the pardon offer to Tusk, and Tusk implicates the president.  And while Frank is supposed to be getting Senators onboard with not impeaching the president, he’s really doing the opposite while Jackie Sharp ropes in folks like Remy and Donald Blythe.  Walker is on his way out, and all that matters is whether or not Frank goes with him.  Frank does not.  Frank assumes the presidency, rescinds Feng’s asylum offer (all but guaranteeing Feng will be executed back him in China), fixes the relationship with the Chinese, and triumphantly goes into the Oval Office.

Frank really does need a worthy adversary.

Maybe we should just scatter some rakes on the White House lawn...
Maybe we should just scatter some rakes on the White House lawn…

But, as Remy notes, power is fleeting.  Frank probably has a comeuppance coming.  Eventually.  Season five maybe?