May 23, 2024

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The Wire “Time After Time”

Season Three, Episode One.

The first time I tried to watch The Wire, and this was probably seven-to-eight years ago, I only got as far as the first few episodes in season three.

Well, let’s see if I can beat that now as I start the season, and it looks like this one is focused on the inability of city government to fix the city’s many problems.

The season opens with the destruction of the towers as part of some urban renewal.  Bodie and Poot are debating the whole mess.  Poot is upset since he sees the towers as home and he has some nostalgic feelings for the place.  Bodie is more cynical about the whole thing and believes the towers are just steel and glass, and that nothing new will ultimately replace them.  And, since this is Baltimore and The Wire, the buildings come down but the debris cloud floods the streets where the crowd viewing the implosion are, causing a coughing fit for everyone present.

And that seems to be the thing with season three.  Nothing seems to be quite working out for other people.  McNulty spots his ex with what looks like a wealthy new boyfriend.  Bubbles is humiliated after a series of mishaps costs him first his pants and then the money he was scrounging for drugs.  Stringer is running the Barksdale organization like a business and trying to get his workers to follow things like Robert’s Rules for Order, all the while insisting that they can continue to make huge profits without actually having any territory.  Besides, Avon will be out of prison soon.  He sent some guy named Cutty out to do…something.  Not sure what yet.  Daniels is sleeping out of his office but pretending to still be happily married for the sake of his ambitious wife’s new political career.  That’s actually preventing the mayor from promoting Daniels as promised.  Herc and Carver are up to their old tricks with little results in another district under one Major Colvin.

But in the middle of all this, we see the push to prevent crime coming from the mayor.  He puts pressure on Burrell, and Burrell’s new number two Rawls, to bring the homicide rate down as well as overall crime.  How?  Hard to say.  The problem is a city councilman named Tommy Carcetti, a guy who knows how to use politics to get results for his own district.  And that guy looks familiar…holy spit, it’s Littlefinger!

Well, I know we can’t trust that guy now.

In the meantime, with the Detail looking mostly to take Stringer down, and maybe Proposition Joe as a bonus, we’ll see what happens.  McNulty ended the episode reviewing the Barksdale evidence to make sure they don’t repeat themselves too much.