July 23, 2024

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Penny Dreadful “Perpetual Night”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

Vanessa Ives, after surrendering to Dracula, is nowhere to be seen in this episode.  Instead, we have the A-Team, as I sometimes call them, reuniting with allies old and new to rescue her.  Even if it is too late.

Meanwhile, we all were reminded not to follow creepy children.

Sir Malcolm, Ethan, and Kaetenay are in London, but the city looks deserted aside from fog and rats.  Getting back to Stately Murray Manor, the men immediately search the house for Vanessa but instead find a bunch of vampires.  Sir Malcolm is bit, and while Ethan and Kaetenay do their best, the real hero is the suddenly appearing Catriona Hartdegen, who apparently knows exactly how to kill a vampire with a well-aimed shot by knife or pistol.  She also knows how to cauterize a wound since Sir Malcolm was bitten.  And she tells us the fog is somewhat deadly and has killed about 7,000 people already.

If you’re at all worried that this deadly fog is somehow making things different for other characters not immediately related to the action at Sir Malcolm’s place, you haven’t seen much television.  Dr. Seward is walking around in it without a problem, and she has to knock out Renfield after he turns all creepy and swallows a live frog in her office.  Victor, Henry, and Dorian Gray seem to be fine.  Even the Creature and his family are just waiting indoors for the fog to lift.  I don’t see why anyone should worry when Ethan heads out the door to find a doctor, i.e. Victor, to look at Sir Malcolm.  Or Kaetenay, since he follows Ethan at a distance.

But really, why did Penny Dreadful wait this long to bring out a character as awesome as Catriona?  These guys could have used her two seasons ago!  And I don’t just say that because the actress playing her is rather attractive…OK, maybe I am saying it for that reason a little bit, but she’s still six shades of awesome.

Seven shades if you can pull it off while possibly being Black Widow's great-grandmother.
Seven shades if you can pull it off while possibly being Black Widow’s great-grandmother.

But we should probably knock the other plot lines out of the way.  The Creature’s happy homecoming isn’t working out too well since his son is coughing up blood.  Plus, the Creature still doesn’t seem to have a name.

As for Victor and Lily, after Dorian leaves to evict all the prostitutes from his house (save Justine, who would rather die than go back to her old life, something Dorian respects as he tries to oblige her as painlessly as possible), Lily basically gives Victor her backstory.  While she was still Brona Croft, she had a baby girl.  She had to leave the baby to go earn some money from a john to pay for stuff before they both starved, but the john withheld payment and knocked her out.  When Brona/Lily returned home, the baby had frozen to death, and the thought of having the child erased from her memory is the worst thing she can think Victor could do.  And Victor…let’s her go.  He has a good line when he does, too.  He says that it is easier to be a monster than human, and he obviously is referring to himself as much as Lily.  So, that’s rather nice.  And she didn’t snap his neck once he unchained her ankle.

Anyway, back to the Vanessa plot.  While Sir Malcolm, Dr. Seward, and Catriona go to interrogate Renfield, Ethan finds Victor isn’t home, but some creepy kid says he can take Ethan to the doctor.  And he does, going through the mostly deserted streets of Chinatown save the odd corpse here and there.  And the doctor is actually Dr. Sweet.  You know.  Dracula.  And when it becomes clear to Dracula that Ethan isn’t giving up on Vanessa, even after tossing the American fellow around like a rag doll, Dracula lets the minions swarm in.  That would be the end of Ethan if the full moon didn’t come out and Wolf-Man Ethan didn’t start ripping vampire minions apart left and right.  And then Kaetenay shows up and seems to more voluntarily also go full Wolf-Man.  So, now we have two werewolves ripping apart Dracula’s minions when the pair come face to face, size each other up…and cue the closing credits.

Whatever happens in the next episode should produce some fireworks.  It better.  It’s the last episode of the series.