June 15, 2024

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The Wire “Stray Rounds”

Season Two, Episode Nine.

Actor Dominic West is British.  For this episode, his American character Jimmy McNulty has to go undercover to bust a brothel full of illegal immigrants.  To get past the very suspicious security, McNulty does a bad British accent.

That’s some meta fun right there.

Out in the projects, Bodie’s efforts to keep territory the Barksdale Organization has held for ages goes bad when Proposition Joe’s people show up, shots are fired, and a nine year old boy is killed.  Now Rawls is down there demanding action, and that means Stringer has two things he needs to do.  First, he has Bodie get rid of the guns.  Toss them over a bridge into the river.  Good plan.  Too bad the bag lands on a boat passing under the bridge.  And while Bodie is tied to the bag, that’s all the cops can do.

Stringer also figures he needs to cut a deal with Proposition Joe.  Joe gives him a good deal on product, and Stringer gives up some territory.  That’s a Stringer move.  Sometimes words work.

Avon, unseen in this episode, doesn’t like it.  Stringer is stuck what with the complete lack of good muscle while most of Avon’s best people are in prison.  But then Avon hires some super hitman from New York named Brother Mouzone.  Yeah, Stringer already made the deal.  That’s a problem.

On the side of law enforcement, McNulty does get into the brothel, and despite his best efforts to keep his pants on…well, it’s embarrassing.  The Detail is building a case against the smugglers, and while that works for the Commissioner, Rawls, and ADA Pearlman, Major Valchek, well, he’s a stubborn asshole with a bug up his butt about Frank Sobotka, and finding out the Detail may have moved to look in other directions just pisses him off.  There’s not much Daniels can do with that guy, but at least everyone else seems happy.  Well, happy-ish

The Sobotkas have their own issues.  Ziggy learned the hard way that ducks can die of alcohol poisoning.  He has a new scheme involving stealing a couple Mercedes from the docks, and this is Ziggy, so you know it’s going to go bad.  Nick is selling drugs.  Frank is getting spooked when the FBI shows up and inspects one of the Greek’s shipments.

But the agent is in the Greek’s pocket, and the whole thing was done to hurt some unreliable Columbian partners.

So, let’s see…we have Valchek still looking to bust Frank as the main target, Jimmy in the doghouse with Pearlman over the brothel sting, and a guy who looks like a member of the Nation of Islam showing up at Avon’s former territory.  Things are getting heated.