December 7, 2023

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House Of Cards “Chapter Twenty”

Season Two, Episode Seven.

Huh.  That guy who owns the rib joint, Freddy, he sure is getting a lot screen time now.  He must be due for a fall or something.  That’s about the only reason to have the guy around doing anything other than serving ribs.

Why was he out?  Well, he was interviewed by a reporter, looked like Tom Hammerschmidt, due to the fact the Vice President eats there.  Then he was offered a franchise possibility, and he served ribs to the president.

Yes, Frank and Claire had the Walkers over for dinner, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the Walkers are having some marital problems, most of which seem to stem from Claire planting suspicions in Mrs. Walker’s head about Christine.  I’d be concerned how anyone, even the Vice President, snuck a punching bag into the Oval Office, but that’s just me.

But can we get Frank a worthy opponent?  We see that Tusk, through Remy, had hired that sleazy new press secretary for Frank, but that guys prefers power to money, so he snitches on Tusk.  He also made that Watson-looking guy go away, so there’s that.

And if that weren’t enough, Stamper Of The Iron Discipline, after a one night stand with a cocktail waitress who kinda looks like Rachel Posner flies to China (!) for a face-to-face with Feng about why Tusk is funneling money through Feng who in turn is funneling it through an Indian casino owner to buy a lot of Republican attack ads against the Democratic president and Congress.  That Tusk is really asking for it.  All Feng wants now is the bridge contract.

Seriously, there isn’t a single American company that can build that bridge?

By the by, Stamper can resist a come on from two young women while in China.  Feng is sneaky, but he didn’t count on a guy who apparently lives only for his boss and not himself.

That’s actually rather sad.  I think I’m done now.