April 1, 2023

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Spider-Man Complete Chronology Update 16

Covering the Todd McFarlane era on Amazing and the beginning of the Erik Larsen era, as Jimmy relives the heyday of his childhood comic collecting.

A large but pretty straight forward update.  Which after some of the previous ones, was a welcome relief.  I did have to juggle some stuff and there are places where maybe it doesn’t make as much sense as you would like, but in general, I think it works.  As always, if you disagree or notice any irregularities/errors, feel free to let me know in the comments.

This period sees artists Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen (and even Rob Liefeld shows up in an annual) becoming huge influences on the look and feel of Spidey and his supporting cast, as we race towards the creation of Image Comics.  Many of their contributions such as Spidey’s huge eye slots and spaghetti webbing (McFarlane) and the monster-ization of Venom to add the impossibly huge grin and long tongue (Larsen) are still large parts of the characters to some degree today.

We also see the rise of a popular Marvel gimmick of Annual Crossover stories.  Originally line encompassing (Evolutionary War, Atlantis Attacks), they would eventually become mostly regulated to associated titles.  You’ll notice that I don’t include each part of the line wide crossovers and only include the issues that Spider-Man appears in.  Feel free to read the other books that surround them (I didn’t, well, not this go round anyway, I did when they were first released) but the stories mostly stand on their own.

And now the continuing adventures of the Spider-Man Chronology after Venom: Dark Origin:

  1. The Mighty Thor 391 – Editor’s note that this is post Amazing Spider-Man 300. Spider-Man is wearing the Die Spinne suit with words still stitched on it.  Direct reference to the hanging plot thread from Amazing Spider-Man 283.
  2. Spectacular Spider-Man 138 – Tarantula and Captain America scene seems to continue directly from Spectacular Spider-Man 137. Also, Peter refers to the call MJ got from her maid as “last night”, but since Spectacular Spider-Man 137, the Parker’s have moved and Peter is back in his blue and red Die Spinne costume. Peter has a dream and says that Mongoose is one of his enemies, so this likely has to be after Mighty Thor 391. He also mentions Venom so has to be after Amazing Spider-Man 300.
  3. Web Of Spider-Man 039 – Die Spinne suit. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 300.  Nathan Lubensky has moved out of May’s house and gotten his own apartment.  His appearance at dinner in Amazing Spider-Man 300 was by invite, not because he was living there…though he appears to move back in at the end of this issue.  Spider-Man gets an authentic Spider suit.  No more Die Spinne.
  4. Damage Control v1 01 – Almost seems like it should be out of continuity but apparently isn’t. Spider-Man doesn’t have a huge role but more that a cameo. In his red and blue suit with no Die Spinne on the back. Post marriage.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man 301 – Direct reference to and has to be after Web Of Spider-Man 39.  Direct references to Amazing Spider-Man 265, 281 and Spectacular Spider-Man 128.  Peter offered job in Kansas.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 302 – Peter visits potential new job lab in Kansas.
  7. Spectacular Spider-Man 139 – Before Amazing Spider-Man 303 which is after Robbie goes on medical leave.  Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 36.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man 303
  9. Amazing Spider-Man 304 [P1-P9] – Peter finds out about “Webs” being published and the book tour, but neither has happened yet.  The “weeks” break before the West Coast trip makes it seem like that is the first leg of the tour, but need to squeeze in his Atlanta appearance in Spectacular Spider-Man.
  10. Spectacular Spider-Man 140 – Doesn’t continue immediately from Spectacular Spider-Man 139, but is the next day.
  11. Spectacular Spider-Man 141 – 45 minutes after the end of Spectacular Spider-Man 140.
  12. Spectacular Spider-Man 142 – Continuation of story from Spectacular Spider-Man 141 is told in flashback.  Spidey in Atlanta, supposedly the day after Spectacular Spider-Man 141. Peter has a book signing…so has to be after the beginning of Amazing Spider-Man 304. Gwen clone appearance.
  13. Amazing Spider-Man 304 [P10-P22]
  14. Amazing Spider-Man 305 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 304.
  15. Web Of Spider-Man 040 – Cult Of Love Part 1.  Direct references to Amazing Spider-Man 289, Spectacular Spider-Man 109-110, and Spider-Man vs Wolverine.
  16. Web Of Spider-Man 041 – Cult Of Love Part 2. Immediately after Web Of Spider-Man 40.
  17. Web Of Spider-Man 042 – Cult of Love Part 3. Immediately after Web Of Spider-Man 41.
  18. Web Of Spider-Man 043 – Cult of Love Part 4. Immediately after Web Of Spider-Man 42.
  19. Iron Man 234
  20. Amazing Spider-Man 306 – Black Cat back in original costume. MJ buys Peter a copy of Actions Comics #285 after he says he had a crush on Supergirl. Approximate value today, $550.
  21. Amazing Spider-Man 307 – MJ is kidnapped.
  22. Amazing Spider-Man 308 – Continues from Amazing Spider-Man 307, but not immediately. Peter is back from Chicago and MJ has been kidnapped.
  23. Amazing Spider-Man 309 – MJ still kidnapped. Peter visits Robbie in hospital, so has to be after and direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 139.  Though Robbie looks in worse shape here than we last saw him in Spectacular Spider-Man 142.  In that book Robbie knows his back isn’t broken, he has begun rehab and getting ready to go back to work.  MJ escapes, saves Spidey and finally returns home.
  24. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1988 (#22) – Evolutionary War. Story one only.
  25. Web Of Spider-Man Annual 04 (1988) – Evolutionary War. Story One only. Peter is in Miami promoting “Webs”.  Direct reference to and should be after Amazing Spider-Man Annual 22.
  26. Spectacular Spider-Man 143 – Gwen clone appearance. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 308-309.  1st Lobo Brothers.
  27. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 08 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 142-143. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 22 was “a few days ago” as per a direct reference. Gwen “clone” no more.
  28. Web Of Spider-Man 044 – Spidey in Vegas.
  29. Hulk 349 – Immediately after Web Of Spider-Man 44.
  30. Web Of Spider-Man 045 – Still in Vegas after Hulk 349.
  31. Spectacular Spider-Man 144 – Peter in San Diego to promote “Webs”. Robbie returns to work…and gets arrested after about 30 seconds.
  32. Spectacular Spider-Man 145 – Still in San Diego.
  33. Amazing Spider-Man 310 – Peter starts courses again at ESU.
  34. Web Of Spider-Man 046 – Peter in Cape Cod promoting “Webs”.  Direct reference to Vision And The Scarlet Witch 11.
  35. Amazing Spider-Man 311 – Inferno crossover.
  36. Spectacular Spider-Man 146 – Inferno crossover. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 311 being yesterday and Peter sells the pictures of his battle with Mysterio that issue to the Bugle.
  37. Web Of Spider-Man 047 – Inferno crossover.  Direct reference to and has to be after (but on the same day as) Spectacular Spider-Man 146 where Osborn Chemical Plant is destroyed.
  38. Amazing Spider-Man 312 – Inferno crossover.  Immediately after and direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 47.
  39. Spectacular Spider-Man 147 – Inferno crossover. Shortly after and direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 312. Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 47.
  40. Web Of Spider-Man 048 – Inferno crossover. Shortly after and direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 147.  Says it is continued in Amazing Spider-Man 313.
  41. Amazing Spider-Man 313 – Inferno crossover. Continues from Web Of Spider-Man 48 but not immediately.
  42. Spectacular Spider-Man 148 – Inferno crossover. Inferno ends.  Spider-Man only appears in one panel.
  43. Web Of Spider-Man 049
  44. Amazing Spider-Man 314 – Note that Robbie is on trial over in Spectacular Spider-Man .  Has a trail actually started yet?  Perhaps, but the first we see of it is in Spectacular Spider-Man 149 and it is taking place in Philadelphia.  Flash says his apartment was trashed a couple of weeks ago.  Is he referring to Spectacular Spider-Man 148?  Peter and MJ kicked out of their appartment, end up living with Aunt May.
  45. Spectacular Spider-Man 149 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 7 (which should be 8) being weeks ago.  Not direct references but “Webs” promotional tour, Inferno and return of the Hobgoblin are mentioned. Robbie’s trail in Philadelphia has begun. Professor Warren’s assistant Anthony Serba “revealed” as the Spider-Clone. First appearance of Carrion II.
  46. Amazing Spider-Man 315 – Peter easily (seemingly) selling photos to the Bugle which seems to place this prior to Web Of Spider-Man 50. Venom escapes and begins making his way to NY.
  47. Web Of Spider-Man 050 – Surprisingly the Joker and Commissioner Gordon appear as Joker tells the punchline from the end of The Killing Joke.  Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 143, and Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 7. Chameleon kidnaps Jonah and takes his place.
  48. Spider-Man – Spirits of The Earth GN – Mostly context free any time after Peter and MJ are married.
  49. Spectacular Spider-Man 150 – Robbie found guilty. Direct reference to and clearly after Web Of Spider-Man 50. Peter hasn’t sold any photos to the Bugle “in weeks”.
  50. Web Of Spider-Man 051 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 150.
  51. Amazing Spider-Man 316 – Last issue (and Venom’s escape) was “days ago”. Has to be after Chameleon has replaced Jonah and is no longer buying pictures from Peter of Spider-Man.
  52. Amazing Spider-Man 317 – One assumes the day after Amazing Spider-Man 316.
  53. Spectacular Spider-Man 151 – Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 50-51 and Amazing Spider-Man 314.
  54. Spectacular Spider-Man 152 – Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 51.
  55. Web Of Spider-Man 052
  56. The Sensational She-Hulk 003
  57. Amazing Spider-Man 318
  58. Amazing Spider-Man 319 – Continues shortly after Amazing Spider-Man 318. Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 50 and Spectacular Spider-Man 146 (though incorrectly as Spectacular Spider-Man 46).
  59. Daredevil v1 270
  60. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1989 (#23) – Atlantis Attacks.  Story 2 is a faithful re-telling of Amazing Fantasy 15. Story 3, “Spider-Sense” filler. Story 4, Aunt May story with Nick Katzenberg in it, so has to be after he appears. Story 5-6, Fred Hembeck filler.  Ignore Story 7.
  61. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 09 [Story one only] – Atlantis Attacks.  Peter says he hasn’t sold a picture to Jonah in months, so has to be before Jonah returns. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man Annual 23.  Story 1 to be continued in Daredevil Annual 9..which should be 5…but is actually 4.
  62. Daredevil Annual 04 [Spider-Man story only] – Atlantis Attacks.  Story 1 only. direct reference to and continued from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 9.
  63. Web Of Spider-Man Annual 05 (1989) – Atlantis Attacks. Story 2 is a Captain Universe tale with no Spider-Man that can be skipped.  Story 3-4, more Hembeck filler.  Story 5, Silver Sable tale with no Spider-Man that can be skipped.  Ignore story 6.
  64. Web Of Spider-Man 053 – Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 143. To be continued in Spectacular Spider-Man 153.
  65. Spectacular Spider-Man 153 – Direct reference to and continued almost immediately from Web Of Spider-Man 53.
  66. Web Of Spider-Man 054 – Immediately after and direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 153. To be continued in Spectacular Spider-Man 154.  Jonah is freed.
  67. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 09 [Minus story one] – Atlantis Attacks. Story 2, no Spider-Man. Story 3, Fred Hembeck filler.  Can’t really put much weight in this feature but appears to be after Glory knows her boyfriend is a werewolf. Also, no mention of Kristy’s bulimia. Story 4, Mary Jane “solo” adventure.  JJJ seems to be his old self.  And Kristy is at the surprise party, but is still in hospital in the main books. Might need to ignore Kristy all together.  Maybe she was out on a day pass? Note that Joe Roberson is in jail here too. This story needs to take place either before or after the main story since Peter is kidnapped in that one. After works better with JJJ being back. Ignore story 5.
  68. Spectacular Spider-Man 154 – Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 54 which was “last week”. Kristy still in hospital. Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 50.
  69. Web Of Spider-Man 055 – It’s been “almost a month” since Web Of Spider-Man 54, which seems like a long time. It is a full moon when the Lobo’s attack, which jives with Eduardo saying over in Spectacular Spider-Man 154 that they were waiting for the full moon. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 143.  Kristy still in hospital.  Gloria accidently kills Eduardo while shooting at Spider-Man.
  70. Amazing Spider-Man 320 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 1. Peter believes Aunt May has 6 months to live.
  71. Spectacular Spider-Man 155 – Takes place the same day as Amazing Spider-Man 320 after Peter and MJ mistakenly think Aunt May is sick.  (So also has to be before Amazing Spider-Man 321 when they find out it is really Nathan that isn’t well.)  Also before Harry and Liz move into their new place, which is again Amazing Spider-Man 321.
  72. Amazing Spider-Man 321 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 2. Picks up the threads of Amazing Spider-Man 320, but is not immediately afterwards. It’s Nathan with the heart problem. Peter and MJ agree to move into the loft above Harry and Liz’s new place in SOHO. Spidey agrees to go to Smykaria, but mustn’t leave right away.
  73. Web Of Spider-Man 056 – Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 320. Seems to be the first reference to MJ becoming an actress. She tells Peter she is going on an audition in Amazing Spider-Man 321, which she does in Amazing Spider-Man 322. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 155 being a few days ago and also “yesterday”. Peter and MJ still living with Aunt May.  May has joined the senior volunteers which she first discovered in Spectacular Spider-Man 155. Peter knows it is Nathan that is sick and not May, which they find out in Amazing Spider-Man 321. Before MJ and Peter help move Harry and Liz in Amazing Spider-Man 321, so seems to be some overlap here. Thomas Fireheart has not completed his bid to take over the Bugle, which he does in Spectacular Spider-Man 156.
  74. Amazing Spider-Man 322 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 3. Not immediately after last issue, but Spidey in Smykaria.
  75. Amazing Spider-Man 323 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 4.  Still in Smykaria.
  76. Amazing Spider-Man 324 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 5. Back in NY.
  77. Amazing Spider-Man 325 – Assassin Nation Plot Part 6.
  78. Spectacular Spider-Man 156 – Days after Spectacular Spider-Man 155. MJ & Co. painting the Parker’s new loft. Though they haven’t moved in, still has to be after Amazing Spider-Man 321.  Kristy still in hospital.
  79. Web Of Spider-Man 057 – Seems to pick up shortly after Web Of Spider-Man 56, but events with regards to the move to the new loft seem to contradict that. Peter and MJ have just moved into new loft. Everything still in boxes. After painting party in Spectacular Spider-Man 156? Kristy escapes hospital and shows up at the new loft…and then right back to the hospital.
  80. Punisher War Journal 014 – After Pete and MJ have moved into new loft. Note that JJJ is still at the Bugle and seems to be running the show, so before Puma buys the paper in Spectacular Spider-Man 157.
  81. Punisher War Journal 015 – Continued from last issue.
  82. Spectacular Spider-Man 157 – Jonah sells his shares of the Bugle to Puma and informs the staff. Pete and MJ living in the loft, but boxes still around so they are not moved in long.
  83. Web Of Spider-Man 058 – A few days after Fireheart buys the Bugle. Everyone else learns Robbie is alive. Kristy in hospital, her parents arrive.
  84. Spider-Man Parallel Lives – Another re-telling of Spider-Man’s origin and other selective parts of Spider-History. The eventual “current” portion takes place after the MJ/Peter marriage, losing their condo and it seems having moved into the loft in Soho.
  85. Marvel Comics Presents 039 [Spider-Man story only] – Context free.
  86. Amazing Spider-Man 326 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in. House warming party at the Soho loft. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 157 and hence after Fireheart buys the Bugle. MJ finds out she got the job on the soap opera.
  87. Spectacular Spider-Man 158 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  First Cosmic Spidey.  After MJ gets her job on the soaps.  To be continued in Web Of Spider-Man 59.
  88. Web Of Spider-Man 059 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 158.   To be continued in Amazing Spider-Man 327.
  89. Amazing Spider-Man 327 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 158.  Not direct reference but fights with Titania and Trapster from Spectacular Spider-Man 158 and Web Of Spider-Man 59 mentioned.  First time Spidey flies.
  90. Spectacular Spider-Man 159 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey.  Not direct reference but fights with Titania, Trapster and Magneto from Spectacular Spider-Man 158, Web Of Spider-Man 59 and Amazing Spider-Man 327 respectively mentioned.  Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 59 and Amazing Spider-Man 326.  To be continued in Web Of Spider-Man 60 and Amazing Spider-Man 328.
  91. Web Of Spider-Man 060 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey.  No direct references but once again recapping who Spidey has fought in the various issues of the crossover event. Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 158. To be continued in Amazing Spider-Man 328 and Spectacular Spider-Man 160.
  92. Amazing Spider-Man 328 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey.  Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 60.
  93. Spectacular Spider-Man 160 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey. Direct reference to Web Of Spider-Man 60. To be continued in Web Of Spider-Man 61 and concluded in Amazing Spider-Man 329.
  94. Web Of Spider-Man 061 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in.  Cosmic Spidey.  Seems to continue immediately after and direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 160.  Kristy still in hospital.
  95. Quasar 07 – Cosmic Spidey. Has to be after fights with Goliath (Web Of Spider-Man 60) and Hulk (Amazing Spider-Man 328). A huge deal is made about Spidey going into space, but he just did it over in Amazing Spider-Man 328 to save the Hulk.
  96. Amazing Spider-Man 329 – Acts of Vengeance! Tie-in. Acts of Vengeance Aftermath.  Cosmic Spidey.   Spidey loses the Captain Universe powers. Flash starts dating Felicia Hardy.
  97. What If V2 031 ..Spider-Man Had Kept His Cosmic Powers – Technically has some minor spoilers of upcoming storylines if read here: Hobgoblin tries to kill Robbie, which is seen in Spectacular Spider-Man 161.; Spider-Man vs Venom in Central Park, is from Amazing Spider-Man 332-333.
  98. Spectacular Spider-Man 161 – Robbie pardoned.
  99. Web of Spider-Man 062 – Kristy is not in hospital. Another day pass?
  100. Avengers 314 – Has to be after Acts of Vengeance.
  101. Avengers 315 – Immediately after Avengers 314.
  102. Avengers 316 – Immediately after Avengers 315.  Spider-Man offered membership in the Avengers and he accepts.
  103. Avengers 317 – Immediately after Avengers 316.
  104. Avengers 318 – Immediately after Avengers 317.  Cap basically fires Spider-Man from the Avengers.  Easy come, easy go.
  105. Amazing Spider-Man 330 – Amazing Spider-Man 329 was “a couple of nights ago”.
  106. Amazing Spider-Man 331 – Continues from Amazing Spider-Man 330. Jonathan Ceaser freed.
  107. Amazing Spider-Man 332 – Jay Leno and Jimmy Olsen(?) appear.
  108. Amazing Spider-Man 333 – “Death” of Venom symbiote.
  109. Wolverine vs Spider-Man [aka Marvel Comics Presents 48-50] – Not direct references but after Flash and Felicia have started dating (Amazing 329); Puma has bought the Bugle (Spectacular 157); Glory killed her boyfriend trying to shoot Spidey (Web 55) ; return of Molten Man (Web 62).
  110. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1990 (#24) – Story one – Spidey’s Totally Tiny Adventure Part 1. Has to be after Acts of Vengeance.  To be continued in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 10.  Story 2 – no Spider-man. Story 3 – Spider-Man cameo in flashback. Story 4 – Pete and Mj’s apartment schematic.  Story 5 – no Spider-Man.
  111. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 10 – Story one – Spidey’s Totally Tiny Adventure Part 2.  Continued from Amazing Spider-Man Annual 24. Continued in Web Of Spider-Man Annual 6.  Story 2 – no Spider-Man but some McFarlane art. Story 3 – no Spider-Man. Story 4 – no Spider-Man.
  112. Web Of Spider-Man Annual 06 (1990) – Story one – Spidey’s Totally Tiny Adventure Part 3.  Continued from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 10.  Story 2 – no Spider-Man but Aunt May, MJ and Punisher.  Story 3 – Mostly a MJ solo story with no context but spans quite a bit of time and Peter is out of town for most of it. Story 4 – no Spider-man.
  113. Web Of Spider-Man 063 – Katzenberg takes pictures of Peter removing his mask. Thinks he is faking his pictures of Spider-man.
  114. Spectacular Spider-Man 162 – Spectacular Spider-Man 161 was “yesterday”.
  115. Spectacular Spider-Man 163 – Same day as Spectacular Spider-Man 162. Has to be after and direct defence to Web Of Spider-Man 63, which was “yesterday”. Death of Macendale Hobgoblin and Carrion II(?)
  116. Spectacular Spider-Man 164

Be on the lookout for further updates coming soon.  And you will always be able to find the Complete Chronology in it’s permanent home under Spotlight Features in the menu under the Gabbing Geek banner.

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