April 18, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Homer Simpson In ‘Kidney Trouble'”

In which we see whether or not Homer's love for his father can overcome his cowardice.

John Swartzwedler wrote this one.  That means, regardless of the quality of the episode, it’s probably crazy and funny and stuff like that.

The Simpson family is off to see a Western ghost town type place, the kind founded by and largely populated by prostitutes, and Homer’s idea of car maintenance means the car breaks down by sheer chance in front of the Springfield Retirement Castle, and it just so happens to be Grampa’s birthday and he saw the family car.

So, they have to take the old man along.

As it is, Grampa loads up on sarsaparilla, and then needs to go to the bathroom before the two hour drive back to Springfield.  Homer, however, would rather get home in time to see F. Murray Abraham on Inside the Actor’s Studio, and as result, Grampa’s kidneys explode.  Literally explode. He was fine the day before.  Dr. Hibbert informs the family that a new kidney will save Abe, and since Homer blames himself, he volunteers one of his.  Of course, everyone blames Homer for this, so there’s that.  And while Homer is initially pleased about all the pampering going on, he soon comes to realize that giving up a kidney is potentially dangerous and won’t let him drink himself stupid anymore.

As such, Homer makes a mad dash through an open window when no one is looking in the operating room.

Ashamed, Homer goes down to the docks, buys some sailor-type clothes, and looks for a job on a ship.  Granted, the first is a taffy shop, but the second is run by the Sea Captain.  It’s a ship of…Lost Souls.  Or the Honeybunch until the Sea Captain paints over the old name.  In the hold, Homer meets a group of lost souls, people with sad and tragic and really freakin’ weird stories.  And despite how sad and strange they are, the bunch of them find Homer’s cowardice when he owns up to why he’s there horrifying, so they toss him overboard.  That will be the last time Homer seeks refuge from the strangest people on Earth!

Even more ashamed, Homer goes back to the hospital.  Eventually, he gets inside to save Grampa.  And he might have too, but he ran off a second time. And then he almost got hit by a car carrier truck.  He did, in fact, get hit by a car from off the top of the carrier.  And since he was in front of the hospital, they got him inside to fix him up.  And while he was out anyway, they gave a kidney to Grampa, who is feeling much better now.

Homer was mad at first, but then he realized Bart might have a replacement kidney if Homer ever needs one himself.

Wow.  That’s kinda creepy.