April 18, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror IX”

In which The Simpsons try to spook your kids again, and the warning from Marge comes mid-episode in the form of a conversation between herself and her kids. How clever!

The Simpsons may pull out all the stops for guest stars, but how many guest stars are part of the couch gag?  Well, that’s Robert Englund voicing his famous Freddy Kreuger character.  The other guy?  Well, I don’t think Jason Voorhees ever spoke in his movies, so who cares?

Yup, time for another Halloween episode, where continuity counts for less than usual and anyone can die, though usually not members of the Simpson family.

And we have some creepy stuff, and not just because it means Kang and Kodos are back and those two can’t stop drooling.  Also creepy:  totally dated references in the forms of, oh, all the guest stars.  Jerry Springer?  Regis and Kathie Lee in a live-action segment?  Ed McMahon?  What’s next?  A Ken Starr reference?

Oh, they had one of those too.

Well, let’s take care of the obligatory Kang and Kodos appearance.  It seems that Maggie is teething, but she’s growing fangs, and then all her limbs fall off to be replaced by green tentacles.  Maggie lost her baby legs!  And all Dr. Hibbert can prescribe is fire, and lots of it.  That is his cure for everything.

What’s going on?  It seems two years earlier, Kang had kidnapped and impregnated Marge with some kind of weird ray gun, and Maggie was Kang’s daughter, and he wanted her back.  It seems as if the only person who could solve that problem would be Jerry Springer, and he can’t.  In fact, he dies, along with his entire studio audience.  Kang hears all!  And the aliens are off to kill all the politicians in Washington if Marge doesn’t hand Maggie over.  Man, I can’t imagine why Marge still refuses…

First up, though, Snake strikes out for the third time by smoking indoors, and since he’d also blown up a bus full of nuns and some other heinous crime, Snake is off to where he’ll see plenty of nuns, namely Hell.  Chief Wiggum even goes so far as to point out all the witnesses to Snake’s indoor smoking in the form of Apu, Moe, and Bart.  Did those three actually testify against him?  I dunno.  Snake gets the chair live on the Fox Network in a show hosted by Ed McMahon.  And then Dr. Nick gives Homer a hair transplant from…well, that would be telling.  Lisa ends up telling in the end, but everyone had pretty much figured it all out by then, and besides, the hair-controlled Homer already murdered Apu and Moe, and was on his way to take down Bart when things got messy.  Bart lives.  The hair dies.

And in the final segment, or more accurately the middle one, Marge takes the remote control batteries when she takes Maggie trick or treating so Bart and Lisa can’t watch violent cartoons.  Apparently, the nob on the TV doesn’t work at all.  Bart hammers some plutonium from Homer’s toolbox into the remote and that ends up putting Lisa and Bart into Itchy and Scratchy where the two titles characters don’t appreciate two kids laughing at Scratchy’s pain.  So, they decide to make a lesson out of the two, and it turns out Bart and Lisa can get hurt in cartoon land, and possibly also in a live action segment where they interrupt a flesh-and-blood Regis and Kathie Lee.  Homer eventually gets the two out, though not after they run over Poochie, but the two cartoon characters follow the kids out…and turn out to be rather small and harmless in the real world.

It may actually end well for Scratchy for once as he finds love with the Simpson’s cat, Snowball II.  Well, until he learns he needs to be fixed…