April 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Trash Of The Titans”

In which I have somehow done 200 of these...

Wow.  200 Simpsons write-ups.

I wish I had a life right now.

The show really cranked out the guest stars for this one.  Besides Steve Martin as Sanitation Commissioner Ray Patterson, we have the band U2 playing themselves.  Well, mostly.  The four guys are all drawn in, Bono riffs off his image as the guy who wants to preach stuff, the Edge seems annoyed by all of that stuff, Adam Clayton is the one the others all hate, and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. says…absolutely nothing.  The guys join in on a song midway through about what the Garbage Man can do, so maybe he was singing with the others.  I don’t know.  The band’s manager, Paul McGuiness, has more lines than Larry Mullen Jr.  An employee of the management company, Susie Smith, has more lines than Larry Mullen Jr.  That would probably be the woman with the shaved head Homer calls “Kojack” before kicking her out of his way.

By the by, if you have the DVD set for this season, it does come with a short about when U2 came to record their lines.  Apparently, they made a whole production out of it.  I may have to dig it out and see if Larry Mullen Jr. spoke in it.

By the further by, having seen U2 in concert (they’re, like, my favorite band still in existence), that was a pretty spot-on parody of one of their shows.  And yes, Homer would get beaten up to “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” when he proves to be not much of a candidate despite Bono initially sticking up for him.

And by a last by, Homer getting backstage by claiming to be the Potato Man was about as brilliant as it could possibly be.

Point is, I really dug that concert scene, as well as the song about what a Garbage Man can do.

But what of the rest?  Well, Costington’s department store invents “Love Day” to sell stuff in the middle of summer, which leads to a lot of garbage Homer initially refuses to take out.  When he finally does and misses the truck, he hurls some abuse and refuses to apologize, and so the trash men stop picking up the Simpson family garbage.  And then when Marge apologizes on Homer’s behalf, he’s outraged because forging his name here isn’t like a loan application or a will.  It’s serious!

And then we meet poor Ray Patterson.  Ray is very accommodating to Homer.  Homer somehow refuses to see that.  And Ray, like many people who meet Homer’s willful stupidity and don’t know how to deal with it, ends up telling Homer no one cares what he thinks.  So, Homer decides to run against him for sanitation commissioner.

Nice detail when Homer goes to the wrong office and we see Freddy Quimby registering as a sex offender.

Homer doesn’t seem to really have a point to his campaign.  Basically, he just wants people to vote for him and that’s about it.  It isn’t until he and Moe get to chatting that Homer (accidentally) invents the slogan, “Can’t Someone Else Do It?”

Now that he has a theme, Homer is off and running, explaining the garbage men will gladly do any and all trash related tasks.  He gets really ugly, including a bit about Patterson inviting children into his gingerbread house (that one’s just a lie).  He even tampered with Patterson’s brakes.  Chief Wiggum seems awfully amused by that…

Patterson puts it best:  the voters have a choice between a longtime, experienced public servant or a loudmouthed buffoon who makes crazy promises that can’t possibly be kept.

That sounds familiar.

Anyway, Homer wins in a landslide and actually tries to keep his promises.  Then he used up the entire departmental budget in a month.  He got to sign checks with a stamp!  That sort of power should never be given to Homer Simpson!

Homer’s solution to the budget problem, while not selling drugs, is to let other cities store their trash under Springfield.  That causes garbage geysers and a smug Ray Patterson can say he told the people so.  As adversaries of Homer go, he got off much better than Frank Grimes, all told.  And while the Mayor will have Homer horsewhipped by popular vote, the ultimate solution is to just move the town five miles down the road.

So, no one learned anything.  An Indian sheds some tears.  And Mr. Burns calls U2 a bunch of wankers.

And that’s what 200 episodes will get ya.