February 26, 2024

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The Wire “Hot Shots”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Hey, everybody!  Omar’s back!

Yes, everybody’s favorite Wire character, Omar, is back in Baltimore with a new boyfriend and picking up more or less where he left off.  Then he spots a pair of women beat him to a score by about a minute, follows them and ends up joining forces with that pair to continue to rob all manner of drug dealers.

But that isn’t all!  The new Sobotka detail is getting anywhere since Prez is the only one who either A) knows how to do this thing or B) is trying to actually do this thing.  Pressed by his father-in-law for progress, Prez talks up all the work he’d done under Daniels, and how political pressure from above forced them to finish before they really got anything done.  Armed with this knowledge, Valchek goes right to acting Commissioner Burrell and basically blackmails the AC into giving him a real detail to look into Frank Sobotka, led by Daniels.  Well, maybe, since Daniels just put in for early retirement.

Remember, this is all over a church window.

McNulty, meanwhile, learns a few things.  He learns his punking of the case got it assigned to his friends Bunk and Lester, and he really wants to know the real identity of the woman he found in the river.  He even has a photograph of her with some family in whatever country she came from.    He gets some more information from the coroner, and then learns Bunk and Lester knew all that stuff anyway.  He learns Beadie Russell, assigned as Port Authority liaison to the investigation, is a single mother.  He learns Daniels is in the evidence room and Kima is in Asset Forfeiture.  And he learns his wife wants a legal separation.  He doesn’t learn, but is reminded, that Bunk wants to find Omar for Bird’s trial.  McNulty doesn’t know where Omar is at all.

But a good chunk of the episode is devoted to Avon showing how much influence he has while behind bars.  He’s going after the guard that’s been hassling Wee-Bey.  Said guard won’t listen to Avon, possibly because he’s dealing drugs himself inside the prison, drugs D’Angelo may or may not be taking.  Using Stringer as his go-between, Avon manages to poison the drug shipment and makes sure D’Angelo doesn’t get any.  That night, a bunch of inmates go into convulsions and such, and D casts a disgusted look down the hall to Avon’s cell, where his uncle is calmly reading a book from the library.

What D really needs is a visit from his baby mama and infant son.  That may happen, but Stringer’s sleeping with the girlfriend.

And over on the docks, we see another young man with a girlfriend and a kid, namely Nick Sobotka.  He wants to marry his hairdresser girlfriend, but can’t afford to move out of his mother’s house due to the dock work drying up.  Of course, he can plan a theft with Ziggy to make some extra money from the Greek.  Not exactly what Frank would want, but Nick has a family he wants to provide for.

There’s some really shady things going down on the docks, and the real shame of it is the man looking to clean it up is doing it for petty personal reasons, but Valchek seems like that kind of guy anyway, as well as one used to getting his own way.  Frank, meanwhile, is trying to keep his people working and employed.  Frank is doing a bad thing for a good reason, while Valchek is doing a good thing for a bad reason.  That’s, like, The Wire all over.