December 5, 2022

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Penny Dreadful “Memento Mori”

Season Two, Episode Eight.

For this episode, Penny Dreadful decided to give the audience some answers.  Where is Dorian Gray’s portrait?  What’s going on with Lily Frankenstein?  And why does Sir Malcolm keep Sembene around?

So, let’s answer these after a bit of backstory.  For all of Evelyn Poole’s power, memory can break her enchantments.  Sir Malcolm is being, well, happy, when first Inspector Rusk comes by asking about Sir Malcolm’s past trips to Scotland Yard with vague vampire warnings, and then asked where Ethan is.  Sir Malcolm gets increasingly uncomfortable during these questions, but won’t give anything up.  Later, he tells Victor that he thinks there’s something wrong with him because he’s happy.  He’s not a happy man, like, ever, so he knows something is up.

And then he’s possessed and goes nuts, flipping over the table full of artifacts and attacking Ferdinand Lyle and Victor, but then Sembene steps in, grabs Sir Malcolm, wrestles him into a disused ballroom, and somehow forces Sir Malcolm to remember who he is, or more accurately, remember his dead wife and children, looking rather pale but happy to see him.  Possessed of his own wits again, Sir Malcolm will do the heroic thing and confront Evelyn alone.

Did I say heroic?  I meant stupid.  She totally knows he’s coming, and has set a trap for him, one that ends with him seeing his dead family rising to meet him, the very scene that drove his wife to suicide.  Now, Sir Malcolm does offer to surrender to Evelyn if she’ll leave Vanessa alone, but that one was nonnegotiable.

So, why is Sembene there?  Well, he has some shamanistic power or wisdom or something.  Sure, he’s a quiet guy the others all trust, but he’s not useless or anything.

Now, as for Dorian Gray’s portrait, Angelique finds it while Dorian is out entertaining Lily.  Referring to the portrait as the real him, he asks if Angelique will love him for who he is.  She says yes.  They share a drink, and then we learn the drink was poisoned and only one of them was immortal…

The portrait?  Dorian is old, decrepit, chained up…and it moves.  Eep.

I’m still not sure what he brings to the overall story though.  And he’s still a creep.

But then there’s Lily.  Lily doesn’t seem to mind waking up to a corpse, and while Caliban is furious that she isn’t his alone, and Victor asks her to leave London, she says no.  Finally, Caliban confronts his “bride” and we learn…she remembers a hell of a lot from her days as a prostitute before she died.  She remembers being abused and has decided she won’t submit to another man ever.

But then she says the truly shocking things:  she knows what she is and what Victor has done.  Her plan?  Convince the original recipe monster to help her kill Victor and then they can take over humanity, as they are the next evolution of a master race, and she will love Caliban forever as a result.

He seems a little freaked out, especially since she appears to be stronger than him.  Now, Caliban may hate Victor, but he doesn’t seem to hate the rest of humanity.  Will he go along with this?  I’d like to think not, but he does have a bit of a temper…

Oh, the story Lyle was translating said that Lucifer had a brother he was cast out with.  Lucifer went to Hell to feast on the souls of the dead, while the unnamed brother went to Earth to feast on the blood of the living.  So, Dracula is the devil’s brother?  Which of these two wants Vanessa currently?  Apparently, the story says a “mother of evil” will allow one of the brothers the power to ascend to Heaven and defeat God.  But there’s still the Hound of God (or “wolf” as Sir Malcolm suggests).  I wonder who that might be…

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