December 5, 2022

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Penny Dreadful “Glorious Horrors”

Season Two, Episode Six.

OK, so, Dorian Gray might serve a purpose on this show.  Might.  He hosts a ball at his home and many of the show’s major characters show up there and it leads to all manner of trouble.

I get the feeling that smirking bastard likes it that way.

But we have problems all over, as people wake up from the night of passion.  Victor is besotted with his creation Lily, and Sir Malcolm is really, really besotted by Evelyn.  Granted, Sir Malcolm doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  Given she took hair and blood samples from the guy, and oh, look, she’s making a fetish of him now.  Now, if his behavior weren’t so suspicious then she might even get away with it.  See, call me crazy, but if your estranged wife slits her own throat with your own straight razor, I would think that this is a cause for concern, but Sir Malcolm is so happy and sunshiny that the only thing he sees as cause for concern is replacing the carpet in the master bedroom.

Victor, meanwhile, is reminded Caliban exists when Vanessa casually mentions meeting him.  Oppsie.

But you know what’s generally a bad idea with a wild animal?  Trapping it.  And we see Ethan besieged on both sides by that survivor of his werewolf attack, a Pinkerton detective who seems to thrive on scalping and knows where Vanessa and Semebene both sleep in Sir Malcolm’s manor, and then Scotland Yard’s Inspector Rusk, who thinks Ethan did the horrible massacre that scarred the Pinkerton.  Granted, Rusk is right, but not for the reasons he wants to be.

And where does Rusk confront Ethan?  At the wax museum Caliban works at.  Said establishment’s owners’ blind daughter says there’s something off about Caliban’s hands…they seem cold and not alive.

But Dorian Gray might be going somewhere.  He’s holding a ball to introduce transgender Angelique to society.  And he invited everybody.  Vanessa mentions it to Sir Malcolm, who decides to take Evelyn (probably not on his own initiative either).  Hecate invites herself, Ferdinand Lyle is there, and Victor brings Lily, who finds something familiar about Dorian’s place.  Considering she was there as Brona Croft…

And then Dorian recognizes her and dances with her all over, making Victor jealous.  Possibly Angelique too.

Vanessa has asked Ethan, but he couldn’t on Friday.  Full moon and all, and he got Semebene there to witness the change.

But the ball is going as balls go, with sniping and witticisms and jealous escorts, when Vanessa, arriving solo, decides to go home.  She doesn’t remember Evelyn from her time with Joan the Cut-Wife.  Damn.  Heck, Lyle advises her to leave as soon as possible.  But just as she’s going to bid her goodbyes to Victor, she has a vision.  It’s raining blood.  Indoors.  At the ball.  And only she notices.  Well, maybe Hecate and the Junior Witches notice.  It seems to be their doing.  Vanessa faints.  She had herself a bad case of the vapors!

Maybe for the best she didn’t see Ethan growing hair and claws at that time.

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