June 19, 2024

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The Wire “Cleaning Up”

Season One, Episode Twelve.

We’re getting down to the final chess pieces in play for the detail’s efforts to bring in Avon Barksdale.  And now, Jimmy McNulty confesses the only reason he wanted to bring down Avon was to prove how smart he was, and since Kima got shot, he’s done.  But Daniels still wants to bring the guy down, and he knew McNulty’s secret the whole time.

So, what next?  Stringer is collecting the pagers and establishing all business is to be done face-to-face as much as possible.  Sure, the detail is looking to wire Avon’s office at the strip club, using Shardene to figure out the measurements of the room.

But the police department wants to shut the whole thing down.  The Deputy Commissioner is looking to shrink Daniels’ detail, and figures letting Daniels keep Prez and Lester means saddling Daniels with losers, but those two turned out to be really good at what they do, so joke’s on the Deputy!  Ha ha!

Avon and Stringer, meanwhile, are removing the loose ends that might rat them out to the police.  That means the security guard that changed her mind on the stand in the pilot is killed, and the guys are really looking for Wallace.  Good thing he’s out at his grandmo….oh, he just came back.  Yeah, D’Angelo seems to know what might happen and is trying to tell Wallace to leave, but it doesn’t work.  Stringer wants Wallace dead.  Wallace is killed by his two best friends, Poot and Bodie.

And the wired office works to show Avon tell D to take a load of drugs for an exchange to New York.  The detail puts a tracker on the car and follows him.  D gets arrested in New Jersey, and his mom, Avon’s sister, she really rips into her brother for the inadequate security.  Avon is confident D won’t say anything.

But then both ADA Pearlman and Daniels get talking to’s from different elected officials because Prez and Lester following the money trail leads to campaign contributions to those guys from Avon Barksdale, while a stray newspaper headline shows a massive housing project was to be built in an area where Avon was investing in real estate.  Heck, the Deputy tries to get Daniels to quit and offers to hold the corruption charges over Daniels’ head, but Daniels knows nothing will happen there, because if it didn’t before, it won’t now.  Still, the Deputy wants the charges they can put to the Barksdale people put on ASAP.

And McNulty’s second attempt to guilt D’Angelo doesn’t work out so well, especially as D’Angelo doesn’t believe Wallace is dead.  What convinced him Wallace is dead?  When Stringer and the Barksdale attorney show up and Stringer won’t say where Wallace is.  D’Angelo’s conscience might go somewhere after all.

And so, to prevent the SWAT team from going nuts on two guys who probably aren’t even armed, Daniels and McNulty go into the strip club to arrest Avon on a minor charge.  Stringer, standing nearby, is let go.  Wallace’s death means the detail has nothing on Stringer.

Another cop in the detail, Snydor, says the case was the best work he’d ever done, but he feels like it’s unfinished.  Considering Avon is getting a minor charge, Stringer gets nothing, and a lot of potentially crooked politicians squashed further investigations, he may be right.