December 5, 2022

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Penny Dreadful “Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places”

Season Two, Episode Four.

There’s a moment in this episode where Hecate tries to subvert Ethan.  It surprisingly doesn’t work.

How it plays out is actually rather cool.

Yeah, I mean, there are still cops looking for Ethan, and the one survivor of that massacre he initiated won’t talk, but they’re looking.  They’re also looking into the murder of the young family from the previous episode and the chief inspector actually thinks magic might be involved.  But Hecate promises the other witches that she can take Ethan out of the picture.  He’s a protector, and they seem to know he’s a werewolf.  Posing as an American woman doesn’t work because, while she’s flirting heavily, Ethan thinks she’s another agent from his dad trying to bring him home and off he goes.  Hecate fails.  She probably failed even harder by giving her real name and letting Vanessa know who it was.

But there’s more!  Ferdinand Lyle has brought a ton of artifacts with him that have writing on them.  All of the objects have different languages.  Except…they all tell a story.  One will start in Greek, the next will continue in Latin, and the story seems to be what seems to be an autobiography of someone who fell with Satan.  Yes, that Satan.  And it connects to the witches, though Sir Malcolm thinks it connects to Vanessa as well.

Vanessa would rather not think that.  She spent part of the day helping Victor shop for Lily at a dress shop.  That was adorably awkward.  Moreso than Dorian Gray’s date with his new transgender friend.  What depravity does he take her to?  Why, the latest fad, of course.  Ping Pong.

Why is he on this show again?

And yeah, Lily seems to be getting closer to Victor.  That won’t go well for John Claire.  The way his new boss is looking to add him to a freak show isn’t helping either.

And then there’s the witch attack.  Coming out of the walls–literally–all of the heroes in Sir Malcolm’s place are subdued quickly.  Well, Sembene manages to tackle one, but that’s about it.  The witches escape with what they came for…a lock of Vanessa’s hair.

Uh oh.

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