July 21, 2024

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Vikings “Invasion”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Four years later…

Yes, it is four years later.  Ragnar is remarried to Aslaug, and they have at least two boys of their own.  Rollo is still an outcast, and Siggy is still with him for some reason.  The eyeless seer says Bjorn will be a great man in his own right which pleases Ragnar, and after war and plague decimated the people, finally there are enough for Ragnar, King Horik, and Jarl Borg to go raiding together as promised.

And then the trouble starts.  Rollo asks for forgiveness, and Ragnar does grant it, but then says Rollo can’t go raiding.  It’s a start.  Plus, King Horik decided he doesn’t like Jarl Borg after all, so Borg can’t come.  And Ragnar has to tell him.

Jarl Borg will, of course, blame Ragnar for that.  Only this time, Rollo won’t take the bait and help Borg.

Who does get to go raiding?  Athelstan.  Dude’s gone Full Viking.  Horik also brings his two teenage sons.

And though a storm washes some of the boats to the wrong part of England, Horik and Ragnar’s people make landfall and then get ambushed.  One of Horik’s sons dies.  There’s the usual Viking shield wall, and lots of stabbing, and the Vikings manage to prevail.  Where are they exactly?  Wessex, a land ruled by one King Ecbert.  Athelstan knows of the guy.

He says Ecbert is a lot like Ragnar.

What could that mean?