December 2, 2022

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Penny Dreadful “Fresh Hell”

Season Two, Episode One.

So, we’re back in the wake of the death of Mina Murray.  That means we find Dracula next, right?

Uh, nope!

Picking up not too long after the last season ended, Vanessa is having visions of satanic type rituals, Ethan is waking up next to a pile of bodies covered in blood, Victor is trying to revive Brona’s body as a girlfriend for Caliban, and Sir Malcolm is burying his last child.  Hey, Mrs. Murray is there!  Sir Malcolm’s wife!  I didn’t know she was still alive!

Oh, she wants nothing to do with Sir Malcolm.  Bummer that.

But it is that kind of a show.

Back in London, Caliban decides he needs to get a job and gets one at a small wax museum.  Sure, the man who owns the place seems kindly enough, but in a chat with his penny-pinching wife after Cal–sorry, John Claire is his new name–departs, he isn’t.  Maybe the creature will get some comfort from the blind daughter?  That’s a very Frankensteinian thing to happen.

You know what else is a Frankensteinian thing to happen?  Well, in The Bride of Frankenstein, by the time the Bride actually shows up, she utterly rejects the original monster due to being scared of the guy.  Oh, and she’s only in the last five minutes or so of the movie.  Spoilers for a eighty year old movie?  Will that happen here?  Well, Victor’s monologue while stroking Brona’s naked corpse about how he’s always alone sure doesn’t sound too good for Caliban Claire.  And yeah, Brona is alive and awake again at the episode’s end, but what she does next is still a mystery since the episode ended there.

And yes, the new police inspector looking into the brutal deaths of those guys Ethan the Wolf-Man killed said something about a survivor.  Ethan?  Someone else?  Ethan seems to know he needs to leave town, but he doesn’t because someone new is after Vanessa.

Who?  Well, they attack a carriage containing Ethan and Vanessa, and appear to be bald, scarred, naked women.  Then they shimmer and grow hair and clothes.  What are they?  Witches.  Who is their leader?  Evelyn Poole, the fake psychic from Season One.  What do they want?  Vanessa for their master the devil.  What’s the plan?  Evelyn will somehow remove Sir Malcolm, while her daughter Hecate focuses on Ethan.  They know Ethan is a werewolf.  And while Vanessa prays with bloody hands to God, Evelyn prays with bloody forehead to the devil.  Evelyn also bathes in what looks like the blood of virgins.  She must be a real piece of work.

Meanwhile, Sembene still works in the house.

It looks like things are going to get a bit bloodier.  This time we have a master villain to deal with as opposed to an unidentified nameless threat in the shadows.  So, no, no Dracula this time.  We need to stop the Wicked Witch of West London first.

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