August 11, 2022

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Penny Dreadful “Grand Guignol”

Season One Finale

This being a dour horror series, we can’t expect things to get better for any of the characters.

But there are two bright points.  Sir Malcolm is not as cold a man as he claimed to be, and Vanessa broke up with Dorian Gray.

I really don’t like that guy.

But things don’t go better for other people.  While Vanessa’s most recent visions put the missing Mina Murray in the Grand Guignol theater, which seems like an odd place to hide a bunch of vampires since Caliban works there and he ain’t seein’ nothin’.  Then again, he does get fired from the one place where he feels he belongs.  Yeah, that actress he had a thing for, she’s nice to him, but he misinterprets things, says too much, kisses her in what would probably be described as a sexual assault in most modern societies, and theater owner Vincent has to fire him.  Man, Vincent sure was kind to the monster, and maybe life is getting better for Caliban too, since he goes back to Victor having nowhere else to go, and Victor decides to make that girlfriend for him.  He just needs a body.

Yeah, too bad Ethan then grabs Victor to see to the dying Brona.  After Ethan steps out for a minute, Victor suggests there are places between life and death and smothers Brona with a pillow.  So, um, looks like she’s gonna be the Bride of Frankenstein.

She isn’t the only Universal horror monster when we learn Ethan’s a werewolf.  Yeah, he kinda slaughters the two Pinkerton detectives sent to take him home to daddy.  He must have been the one responsible for all those animal killings.  That makes a lot of lines said to Ethan so surreal.  I really wish I hadn’t accidentally spoiled myself on that when I checked Wikipedia for episode titles and proper name spellings.

But the main event was Sir Malcolm and his A-Team–Vanessa, Ethan, Sembene, and Victor–going to take on the master vampire and save Mina.  And it turns out the Grand Guignol is swarming with more of those albino women vampires, and the big, bald male the crew spotted before…yeah, he’s not the master.  Mina mentions taking Vanessa to the master after Sir Malcolm has finished off big and bald.  Then Sir Malcolm chooses Vanessa’s life over Mina’s, the opposite of what he’d said earlier in the episode.  See, he isn’t all heartless.  There was no coming back for Mina anyway.  And where the hell’s Dracula?

But there is one more thing.  Vanessa at the end of the episode goes to a church to talk to a  priest about an exorcism.  The priest says he’s had bad luck with those, but then suggests since demons got backhanded by God, there’s a touch of God on them, so maybe Vanessa would rather keep the evil spirit that makes her special.

I’m pretty sure that makes him the Worst Priest Ever.

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