January 28, 2023

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Bento Review: Voltron The Sixth Pilot

Dynamite Comics reveals some of the origin story of both Voltron and King Zarkon.

True confessions time:  despite being about the right age for it, I have never been a Voltron fan.

I can’t claim to explain why.  I just never got into it.  Many of my friends did, but I didn’t.  That’s a big reason why I am not involved in the (maybe it’ll come back some time) Voltron viewing for the new version on Netflix.  But there you have it.  I’m not a Voltron fan.

But that means Dynamite had to work extra hard to get my attention with the new Voltron series, right?

Actually, this volume wasn’t bad.  The story actually gives background for both Voltron and King Zarkon, the fellow constantly trying to conquer the universe until Voltron kills whatever monsters Zarkon sent his way.


Behind a series of covers by Alex Ross, the story set a few things up I didn’t see coming.  Spanning over a hundred years, starting in the present day, the reader gets to see who built Voltron and why, as well as where Zarkon came from.  Yeah, it seems Voltron can talk.  Sort of.  It’s complicated, and I won’t get into why, but there is a sixth pilot associated with Voltron, and that guy has some answers that aren’t completely given in this volume, but the mystery is set up for interested parties.  Part of it involves why there is more than one Voltron…that’s right.  The vehicle version of the giant robot appears ever-so-briefly, and there’s talk of other Voltrons as well.

To say more might be to give stuff away.  The volume wasn’t bad, all things being equal, probably containing language a little sharper than Voltron’s TV adventures would probably have allowed, but writer Brandon Thomas and artist Ariel Padilla managed to actually shake up Voltron a bit.  It’s not enough to get me to come back, but let’s say it earns this book seven and a half estranged interstellar friendships out of ten.

NEXT BOX:  That does it for Comic Bento’s “Mr. Robot” box.  This coming month’s theme is “Animal Planet”.  We’ll have to wait and see what’s there, won’t we?

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