July 1, 2022

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Bento Review: There Is A Cat On The Internet: A Diesel Sweeties Treasury

A collection of comics from a web series reviewed.

I’ve gotten some rather unique things from Comic Bento the past few months, but I really wasn’t expecting a collection from a webcomic.

That’s what I got from this Diesel Sweeties treasury, published by Oni.


Diesel Sweeties is a webcomic by R. Stevens.  The artwork is done as a pixelated form.  Most of the jokes deal with either web culture or cats.

And…that’s about all I can really say about all this.  The book doesn’t have a plot.  In fact, very few of the characters seem to have names.  There are a few reoccurring faces and characters, such as the robot on the cover pictured above, a couple other robots, a black kitten, an orange cat, an old desktop, and a bunch of rather random people.  I think I caught two names in the entire book, and one of them was for the old desktop (“Uncle Grandpa”).

I suppose the quality of the book will depend on how much the reader gets the humor of it all.  I found it OK.  Jokes that aren’t directly about web culture, comment spaces, and the like, tends to display the cats (especially that small black kitten) as being rather homicidal.  As a webcomic, I am sure anyone interested could look up more online.

Let’s say seven and a half homicidal kittens out of ten.

NEXT BOOK:  You want a month of robots?  Well, Comic Bento brought out one of the most famous of the lot for the final book of the month.  That’s right:  we got a Voltron.  Be back soon for Dynamite Comics’ Voltron:  The Sixth Pilot.

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