April 18, 2024

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Bento Review: Bubblegun

Some sort of future tech stuff from Aspen.

Comic Bento has, to date, sent me three books from Aspen Comics.  The first two didn’t do anything for me.

How about the third, a sci-fi future series called Bubblegun?

Well, this one was a lot more coherent.

Is it just me, or does the pink haired girl up top have different colored armor on her boobs than the rest of her?

Our story opens sometime in the future, where hacker thieves do stuff in person.  Yes, part of being a hacker thief is also being able to beat the snot out of security robots.  Molli is the new member of her older sister Devyn’s crew, consisting of the two of them, plus two guys named Kyo and Roman and an older mentor named Zuse.  Their mission is to rob a tech secret from a tech company, but first they opt to rob the first group of thieves who went in ahead of them before that trio can get the prize and so that trio can take the fall.  Molli’s weapon that she is stuck with for now is some sort of gun that shoots off sticky pink goo, hence the title of the book that my spellcheck hates with a passion.

As it is, the target is something none of the group saw coming, and in short order there’s betrayal, lies, and Devyn basically is incapacitated.  Molli needs to rise to the occasion and lead the group to get back their own.

Now, so far, this is the best Aspen book I’ve gotten from Comic Bento.  That isn’t saying much.  Mark Roslan’s script actually makes sense and doesn’t read like a weird “this is supposed to be cool but is really somewhat insulting to the reader’s intelligence” way that the previous books did.  Mike Bowden’s pencils don’t resemble the Michael Turner look that seems all over the place for Aspen, coming closer to something like Joe Madureira’s work.  But that doesn’t mean I actually enjoyed this book.  It was, all told, dull and cliched.  I’m giving it six and a half bowler-hatted bruisers out of ten.

NEXT BOOK:  Comic Bento routinely sends me unique stuff, and the next one from Oni is actually a collection of a webcomic called Diesel Sweeties.  We’ll have to see what that’s all about.