July 22, 2024

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SDCC Arrowverse Stuff

The TV branch of the DCU also made some announcements.

Jimmy Impossible did a write up for Marvel’s casting at Comic Con, and he said it seemed to him that DC’s two trailers were actually a bit more impressive than all of Marvel’s announcements.

Well, it turns out DC’s media branch wasn’t done yet.  And there are some SPOILERS after the cut for the previous seasons of the shows being discussed.

The CW has, I find, been doing a fantastic job bringing DC’s lesser known heroes to the small screen…plus the Flash and Supergirl.  And so, in the interests of I think some of this stuff could be cool, here’s a quick rundown.



Aside from moving to the CW from CBS, and the announced crossover between the four shows, what’s going on with Supergirl?  Is she still wearing the outfit Jenny hates?  Probably.  How will the network change, complete with the budget drop that comes with it and made it necessary, affect the show?

Well, we know they are adding Superman.  They already had a Martian Manhunter.  Anything else?  Well, some rumors, rumors mind you, of a pair of Batman-related characters in the form of Kathy “Batwoman” Kane and Barbara “Oracle or Batgirl” Gordon.  Now, Kane is being linked as a possible romantic interest for the Maggie Sawyer character who got cast recently, and the Arrowverse (the collected name for all the DC-related shows that started with Arrow) has used various superhero secret identity names in the past for characters that weren’t superheroes, like a Kate Spenser that wasn’t also Manhunter.

But Barbara Gordon?  Whether she’s Oracle or Batgirl, and that may depend on licensing rights with Gotham as it is, the character has something of a history with Supergirl in various comics similar to the one between Superman and Batman (and in some stories for some reason, between Jimmy Olsen and Robin).  That rumor might be worth checking out.

Granted, Supergirl is the one show in this bunch that I never got into all that much, having only seen the pilot and the Flash crossover episode.

Speaking of…

The Flash


The previous season of The Flash ended with Barry Allen going back in time and preventing the Reverse Flash from killing Barry’s mom.  That is the same basic plot behind the comic series Flashpoint where Barry’s actions resulted in a new timeline where, yeah, his mom lived, but there was also no Flash.  There were other things that were neat on paper, but the show won’t be popping out a Thomas Wayne Batman any time soon.  But they can do other things, like bring in a Wally West Kid Flash and suggest that maybe saving Nora Allen wasn’t that good an idea after all.


Granted, anyone who watched season one knows Barry was stopped from rescuing his mom by a future version of himself already, so maybe this whole “Flashpoint” thing won’t last all that long or maybe it’ll be all season.  We’ll soon see.



Arrow ended its most recent season with Oliver Queen the mayor of Star City, most of his team off doing other things, and Black Canary dead.

Well, actress Katie Cassidy is apparently going to be appearing on all the different shows despite her character being dead anyway, so there’s that.

But the trailer for the upcoming season suggested that, actually, Oliver will be building a new team made up of new vigilantes.  Which ones?  Well, we knew Mr. Terrific was a strong possibility, and it looks like that one’s coming, but we’ve also gotten word about Artemis, Wild Dog, Vigilante (they were running out of names by then) and Ragman.


Just out of curiosity, any possibility that John Constantine can come back?

Legends of Tomorrow


If I were being honest, I’d say Legends of Tomorrow was rather underwhelming.  The series had some problems, most notably in the villain never seeming particularly menacing and a few of the heroes were, well, dull.  The last few minutes of the final episode actually took steps to correct that.  Vandal Savage was dead in three time periods, and the Hawks flew away.  True, Captain Cold sacrificed himself for the team, but Wentworth Miller had already signed a contract to come back to the different series, so he could come back.  And then in the last thirty seconds, a new time ship shot in and a guy got out saying he was “Rex Tyler of the Justice Society of America”.  Comic fans know Rex is also Hourman.  For some reason, my autocorrect keeps changing that name to Housman.

Well, that could be interesting–the Hourman part not the Housman part.  Granted, Legends may have been too crowded to begin with, but it could be something better.

And it should be.  Correcting the villain mistake is first.  The Legends team will be facing off against a Legion of Doom made up of some of the more charismatic villains that the Arrowverse has provided so far.  That’d be Arrow‘s Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Dark, plus The Flash‘s Reverse Flash and…uh, Captain Cold?  Well, he wasn’t dead very long.  How will his erstwhile partner Heat Wave on the other side deal with that?

And that Justice Society thing is an all-in affair from the looks of things.  Besides the aforementioned Hourman and the already-cast Commander Steel, Comic Con let slip that the JSA will include a Stargirl, Obsidian, and Dr. Mid-Nite.  And they also tossed out a trailer.

Only about half new footage.  Oh well.  At least we can see White Canary tell Damien Darhk stuff he probably shouldn’t know about yet.

Oh, and the CW seed released something for their animated series set in that universe, Vixen.


Considering Legends cast a new actress as another Vixen (time travel does that), well, that’s all I’ve got.

Will any of this stuff be any good?  Well, I generally like the CW’s stuff over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so maybe.