July 23, 2024

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The He-Man/Thundercats Crossover That Never Existed Outside Your Toybox Is Coming

When 80s toys collide.

DC Comics has announced a Masters of the Universe/Thundercats crossover.  Or maybe its a Thundercats/Masters of the Universe crossover.  Who gets top billing for something like this?

At any rate, it’s coming.  But how do the Thundercats feel about…Battlecat?  Think about it.  Another cat, being used as a beast of burden.  Gabbing Geek contributor Greg really wants to know.

I think the Thundercats will be fine with it considering this is one of their allies:

Snowman and Snowmeow...they really weren't trying very hard when they named these two.
Snowman and Snowmeow…they really weren’t trying very hard when they named these two.