March 2, 2024

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Game Of Thrones Season Seven Predictions

Let's make some predictions in what I am sure is not a clickbait article.

Last year, I posted some predictions for this past season of Game of Thrones.  Was I right about any of them?  Eh, go check.

It’s time for some more!  SPOILERS below.

This will not happen.
This will not happen.
  1. Daenerys arrives in Westeros, takes a good look around, decides the place is a dump and turns her fleet around to go back where she came from.  But only after dropping off the Dothraki.  Face it, we all want the White Walkers to meet those guys.
  2. Jorah is cured of his greyscale when he runs into Alexander Flemming, inventor of penicillin.
  3.  We get a flashback episode that is nothing but Tyrion slapping Joffrey for 45 minutes.  It will be the most popular episode in the entire run of the series.

    POW! Right in the kisser!
    POW! Right in the kisser!
  4. Arya meets her old direwolf Nymeria, and the two chase after a luck dragon and some kid warrior because they accidentally wandered into The Neverending Story.
  5. Sam and Gilly will appear in more than two episodes.
  6. Lady Mormont gets tired of all this waiting around and takes the Iron Throne herself.  No one has a problem with that.
  7. Donald Trump arrives at Castle Black looking for wall-building pointers.
  8. In the name of equal time, Hilary Clinton arrives at King’s Landing to ask Cersi the best way to deal with an overweight, lecherous husband.
  9. Jon Snow makes some moony looks and a lot female fans at home just swoon.
  10. Sansa gets offended when Littlefinger makes a comment about her personal moon door.
  11. Watson uses #11 the next time he’s at a single’s bar.  It works just as well.

    That would include Watson.
    I went there again.
  12. Hodor lived through that, dammit!  It wasn’t fair or right!  HODOR!
  13. That co-worker of mine whose husband started watching the show, but she only sees bits and pieces, will stop asking me to explain everything instead of watching the show herself.
  14. The White Walkers join forces with Walter White to sell meth, making this show ten times more awesome.
  15. Lady Olenna Tyrell shows how she really got the nickname “Queen of Thorns” when we learn her father was Groot.  And Groot is pissed…

Yeah, those should come true for sure.