June 3, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Bart Of Darkness”

In which Bart grows isolated and weird.

The Simpsons get a pool in this episode.  You will never see it in their backyard again.

Summer heat has hit Springfield in the worst way possible.  Even the wax museum is melting.  Bart and Lisa find no salvation coming from the back of a truck due to one being out of ice cream and a second being full of red hot Texas-style chili.  The pool mobile Otto drives without windows is only budgeted for a single day, and Bart’s efforts to pull an Aquaman doesn’t work because he’s not Aquaman and can’t go where the pool goes.

As such, Homer acquiesces to his children’s demands for a pool, and the family attempts to build one.  The first effort was a fine barn, but twas no pool, English.

The second attempt was successful enough for every kid in town to show up at the Simpson place looking for a place to swim.

And then Bart breaks his leg and can’t use the pool.  Well, his epidermis was showing, and that made him clumsy while attempting a high dive.  Nelson says that the epidermis is the hair.  I don’t think that’s correct.

Now with his leg in a cast, Bart becomes reclusive since no one can resist the pool.  Lisa might, but she’s suddenly popular, and that never happens so she better enjoy it while she can.

Who knew Lisa would be so popular once the family had a pool in the summer?

Bart can’t even catch a break when Krusty goes on hiatus.  What kind of show does Krusty have anyway?  He used to interview labor leaders!

Lisa does give Bart a telescope.  He can spy on the neighborhood.  Even on a suspicious Jimmy Stewart lookalike through a rear window.  Then Bart hears a feminine scream and it looks like Ned Flanders killed his wife.

But Bart needs proof, and once Martin gets a better pool than the Simpsons, Lisa is unpopular again and more than willing to help out.  When Ned comes home while Lisa is there, Bart springs to the rescue…once the Police Department’s rescue hotline proves useless.

Did Ned kill his wife?  No.  Of course not.  Don’t be ridiculous.  He killed Maude’s favorite houseplant.  And he screams like a little girl.

But, seriously, what happened to the family pool?

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