November 28, 2021

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Simpsons Did It!: “Secrets Of A Successful Marriage”

In which Homer's teaching job almost costs him everything.

Let’s end season five with Homer and Marge almost splitting!

Yes, that happens.  But it clearly didn’t stick, and it never does, outside the occasional weird dream sequence.  We’ll see if I’m still doing this when it comes time to do that episode.  No one will be more surprised than me if I am.  Heck, I’m surprised I’m still doing it.

Also surprised is Homer when he learns his friends think he’s a little slow.  Oh, and his family thinks the same thing.  Marge suggests education can make him smarter, but Homer doubts it very much.

One trip to the adult learning annex later has Homer realizing many of the folks he knows are also teaching classes, and if Lenny can teach a class, then Lenny can teach a class!  I mean, Homer can teach a class!

But what class can Homer teach?  His first suggestion is that he can tell the difference between butter and I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter, but that can only be a lie.  But he’s been married for ten years, so he can maybe teach “secrets of a successful marriage”.

Well, not really.  He ruined two good jackets trying to put patches onto one blazer.  Then he abused his new job title to do things he couldn’t do.  He clearly had no lesson plan in mind, and about all anyone learned is Smithers was married to a woman once in what looked like some weird mishmash of Tennessee Williams’ plays.  Then Homer lets slip Marge dyes her hair.  He sees nothing wrong with that.  Marge does.  Now she’s the talk of the town.  Confronting Homer about it later doesn’t go well for anyone but the audience.

But c’mon, since when does Homer ever learn?

After he tells even more intimate secrets to keep his class’ attention, Marge kicks Homer out.  His best place to stay is Bart’s treehouse.  And Marge won’t take him back, and no one seems to be suggesting she should.  Homer can only worm his way back into Marge’s heart by pointing out that after being away from her for a day, he’s just about dead, so he can’t afford to screw it up again.

And so the marriage is saved to the general joy of everyone.

Except for Moe.

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