August 16, 2022

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Non-Spoiler Review Of Captain America: Civil War

We love our British readers, but we hate that they have now seen Captain America: Civil War already. After the break, a British friend of the site that may or may not be a secret agent has a spoiler free review of the MCU's latest.

Gabbing Geek is a mostly US-based site and that’s including Jimmy Impossible (Canada is like the nicer part of the US that doesn’t want to admit whom they’re related to). Sometimes we forget that other countries exist unless the Avengers drop a city on them. Wait, that was made up?  Stupid geography.
Turns out that in other countries the latest Marvel movie has already opened. We reached out to one of our London safe houses to see if the handler had already caught the film. Huy, our British agent, reported that he had seen the movie, the safe house has seen remarkably little activity, and that actually it isn’t a safe house but his apartment and we can’t keep coming over. But he called it a flat and that’s just silly. Anyway we had our agent drop some non-spoiler thoughts on the film and they follow below.

Huy writes:
Good news folks; the Marvel tradition of opening their May blockbuster in the rest of the world in April continues unabated, so expect your twitter feed to fill up with spoilers from here on in. Bottom line? It’s just as good as everyone tells you it is.
Captain America 3 borrows the moniker from Mark Millar’s divisive cross, but a beat-for-beat retelling this is not. The film doesn’t have the same epic scope and in any event is interested in telling a much more personal story.
After an Avengers mission goes awry, the UN introduced the Sokovia Accords, an attempt to regulate and control super powered humans. Ridden by guilt, Tony Stark supports the accords. Distrustful of authority, Steve Rogers strikes out against them. The scene is set and everyone is forced to pick a side.
What makes this work from a dramatic perspective is that this is not a good guy/bad guy scenario. Both sides are effectively right, and you spend the entire movie torn between them (full disclosure: I probably veer towards the Team Iron Man side of the world, but he can be a bit of a dick at times).
By now, Marvel has such a good grasp of its characters that it comes as absolutely no surprise that they nail them here. It’s by no means equal time, but there are a few character beats spread around that will have the geeks squealing with joy. The two new introductions are great as well. Chadwick Boseman brings it as Black Panther, even if a lot of his scenes feel like an extended promo for his solo outing. And Spider-Man is perfection, with all the levity and quips you would expect of a 16-year-old swinging past his elders and betters. The frighteningly young Tom Holland brings a new infectious energy, something that we haven’t seen before.
If you have watched all the trailers and are worried that you have seen all the action the movie has to offer, well not to fret. Yes, the airport scene is the climax of the movie. No, you haven’t seen it all yet, not even remotely. Newcomers Ant-Man and Spider-Man turn out to be the MVPs in what may be most inventive and best action set piece yet in the MCU.
So it’s all good? Pretty close. At two and a half hours, the film is a little baggy, but it all good material so there is nothing that clearly warrants being excised. In addition, the movie’s position as a bridge to Infinity War restricts the degree of finality, although the Avengers are in a very different place at the conclusion of the piece.
That alone makes it a must-view for MCU geeks. For the rest of you, only watch this movie if you like your cinematic experiences witty, exciting, breathless and morally challenging. Heck, if only one of those adjectives works for you, go see it and treat the rest of them as freebies.

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