September 25, 2022

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Jon Bernthal Is Back As “The Punisher” With His Own Netflix Series! (Teaser Trailer)

Marvel's "The Punisher" spin-off has been officially ordered by Netflix!

Time to get your Netflix binge pants on, because Jon Bernthal is back, and he’s reprising his role as Frank Castle in the new Netflix TV series: The Punisher.

According to EW, Marvel has ordered a spin-off starring our beloved Frank Castle: the meanest, baddest, give no “S#!TS” Marvel character of them all.

“This new series marks the sixth comic book character centric show collaborated between Netflix and Marvel Television, including the upcoming Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the ensemble miniseries The Defenders – along with Jessica Jones and of course,Daredevil. “

Who else is excited for this awesome series to start!? ME! ME! ME! (as I search for my yoga pants, and make sure I have plenty of popcorn stocked in the pantry).

Here is the first teaser trailer for the new series:


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