June 22, 2024

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Trailer Time: Warcraft, Second Trailer


Here’s what Tom had to say about the last Warcraft trailer when it dropped last month:

So, a new trailer for the Warcraft movie dropped.  Trailers generally don’t say much, but I think this one set a new record for not saying anything.  What is this movie about?  I have no idea.

The latest trailer just came out and, well, Tom already said most of what needs to be said.  Except for one thing: what’s up with the text “An unthinkable threat”?  These are Orcs!  You live in the world of Warcraft and you don’t think Orcs are a threat?  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING ALL YOUR LIFE?  They’re Orcs.  They’re…well…they’re your orcs.  They’re like your El Guapo, everybody has one but yours happens to be actual Orcs.

This movie is going to be so bad.  Check out the latest train-wreck of quick cuts comprising a trailer after the break.