April 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Homer Alone”


That title is so The Simpsons.  Give us a main plot about Marge needing a break but name the episode after Homer.

Oh, and the only reason this goes live on a Saturday was due to A) I write these well in advance and 2) we had special content on April Fool’s Day, so there’s that.

Yes, Marge needs a vacation.  Just following her around for the morning when she snaps, dealing with three demanding children, four if you count Homer (I would), and she just needs to get away to the legendary Rancho Relaxo.  You can’t spell that without “relax” after all.

Following the first incident involving the Springfield P.D. and the Simpson family, Marge needs a break.  Homer appears to be actually rather self-aware here, pegging some of his own behavior as part of the problem.  That’s an unusual level of sensitivity for Homer to actually be able to do.  Does he really do anything about it?  Well, not just yet.  It’ll take more than Mayor Quimby making a day “Marge Simpson Day” to fix Marge or Homer for that matter, and Chief Wiggum doesn’t seem capable of doing much there either.

So, with Bart and Lisa being subjected to a few days with MacGyver superfans Patty and Selma and Homer keeping Maggie…well, those are just recipes for disaster.  Lisa arguably has it worse than Bart since she’s seen her aunts naked, a thought that probably gave Bart nightmares, but not as much as he got going through their closet.

Homer, meanwhile, is really, really, really trying to take care of Maggie.  You gotta hand it to Homer:  he’s not half-assing it this episode.  He’s using his whole ass.  The problem isn’t that Homer’s incompetent (he is), or that his idea of help is Barney (he isn’t…helpful that is), or that he forgets Maggie is there (he doesn’t).  The only thing wrong is he isn’t Marge, so when Homer goes to bed, Maggie sneaks out and wanders all over town, cuddling up next to every blue beehive-shaped anything she can find.  Homer is so happy that his call to the missing baby department of the Springfield police gets Maggie delivered personally by Chief Wiggum, that his overenthusiastic thanking of the chief gets him out of child negligence charges.

Marge returns refreshed, the family learns to appreciate her, Patty and Selma enjoyed MacGyver, and hopefully Barney got himself an omelet.  That does seem to be his only response to a  crisis.

And everyone got a happy ending.  Provided Barney got his omelet.