March 26, 2023

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Batsoup Videos To Make The Day Better

Pictured: two guys who like and respect each other.
Pictured: two guys who like and respect each other.

So, the reviews coming in for Batman vs Superman:  Your Childhood Is Dead have been less than positive.

But the movie has brought us some nice videos from enterprising fans who maybe produced a better version of the story than whatever Zach Snyder put together.  I’ll be personally finding out Saturday night, but for now, enjoy some stuff that might make for a nice smile after the cut.

First, let’s see where Batman came from.

That was rather cool.  Do they have anything like that for Superman?

Not bad.  That Superman guy seems way too straight-laced and decent to, I dunno, kill somebody.  Maybe the trailers would have worked better with other actors.

What if it were Christopher Reeve and Adam West?  I posted it once before, but it’s still worth a look.

Now let’s shift West out and put Michael Keaton in.

Hey, what if we used actors who played those characters back in the 40s?

Hey, you know what would be best?

These may be better than the actual movie.  I’ll give you my thoughts on Monday.

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