March 23, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Stark Raving Dad”


Yay!  Season three!  I haven’t lost my sanity yet!

And look, another celebrity who may be both the biggest one yet and who had a pseudonym listed in the closing credits, despite being very obviously identified.

Yes, it’s the Michael Jackson episode.  That’s Michael speaking, but not him singing.  Apparently, he asked for a sound-alike for the singing to pull a prank on his brothers by seeing if they could tell the difference.

On a side note, I got into a debate with some of my students recently.  They had to give a speech explaining why a historic figure of their choice deserved a better or worse reputation than they currently possessed, and one of my students just had to give his speech on Michael Jackson.  You know, the incredibly historic Michael Jackson.  This came a couple weeks after explaining that Will Smith getting the first Grammy for hip hop was not entirely appropriate for that assignment either.  Really, what your average 18 year old thinks counts as a historic can be kind of depressing.

You know what else is depressing?  Being sent to a mental hospital after letting your son fill out a questionnaire for you.  And the only reason Homer was under suspicion in the first place was because Bart left his lucky red hat in with Homer’s whites and made all his shirts pink.  Non-conformists get noticed, and not in a good way.  There was even some suspicion that Homer wet his pants…again, thanks to Bart.

There was one thing about Homer, though…he seems to be the only guy in Springfield to not know who Michael Jackson was.  Even Grandpa knew!  Mayor Quimby was ready to rename a street after the King of Pop, odd since it was originally named for the Dali Lama.

Homer managed to make a new friend in the hospital, though, the guy who said he was Michael Jackson.  And that hospital, man, it was like something out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  I mean, yeah, that was deliberate.  Homer would be the one guy to actually try talking to the Chief to see if he responds.  All it really took was Marge telling the doctors Bart was a real person and Homer was out again.

The highlight may be the sweet song Michael and Bart write for Lisa’s birthday.

The callback may be Bart and Lisa both wake each other up by pinching their respective sibling’s nose shut during sleep.

And even though Michael wasn’t really Michael, in the end, who’s really crazy?

Not Homer.  He has a certificate saying otherwise.

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