February 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Simpson And Delilah”


Does it bother Homer Simpson that he’s a bald man?  Apparently it does.

Does it bother Homer Simpson that he’s a fat man?  That not so much.

Let’s try not to think about how Homer at one point in “Simpson and Delilah” says he’s been bald for twenty years but is only in his mid-thirties.

Instead, let’s take a look at what hair does for Homer.  It apparently makes him awesome.

How awesome?

Patty and Selma’s eyes bulge out, and Patty may have been drooling.  And remember, Patty will eventually out herself as a lesbian.

He gets a promotion at work for no good reason besides a union mandated one and he looks to Mr. Burns as a young go-getter.

Say, if this is a union mandate, where are all the other guys who got promoted that way?

Hair makes Homer happier.  It makes young women flirt with him when he’s looking for a secretary.  Of course, Homer has no interest in them since he’s happily married to Marge and this isn’t the kind of episode where Homer’s even remotely tempted.  Good for him.

It does lead him to Karl, the ultimate secretary.  He saves Homer’s bacon for…some reason multiple times.  Karl is voiced by gay activist and playwright Harvey Fierstein, one of those guys with really distinctive voices that makes for a memorable one-shot character.  That Karl kisses Homer (again, for some reason) suggests why Fierstein went along with all this, but really, what does Karl see in Homer?  Most of Homer’s success comes from Karl being the world’s greatest assistant.

Bad enough to make Smithers jealous enough to see why Homer needed to keep his brain from freezing.

Man, Smithers sure seems cruel here.

Of course, it turns out Homer’s hair really is why people would listen to him.  He’s fortunate enough that Mr. Burns can forgive him for that after Bart tries unsuccessfully to grow a beard.

Why does Bart want to be a beatnik?

Of course, for Marge, the hair was never that important.  And, in the grand scheme of things, she’s the one that counts and the only one who can make Homer feel better about everything that went south for him once his usual appearance returned.

I do feel the animators should get a shout-out here for Homer’s many hair styles.  The fact that his hair seems less abundant as the episode continues was also a nice touch.

And man oh man, that was some washroom for the Plant’s executives.