May 20, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Krusty Gets Busted”


Bart Simpson has made many enemies.  Nelson Muntz.  Principal Skinner.  Homer.

But c’mon, the most diabolical is Sideshow Bob.

Aside from a silent cameo here and there, Sideshow Bob hasn’t really done much yet.  Now we finally see the first of many evil schemes, generally thwarted by Bart with a strong assist when necessary from Lisa.  Or even Homer if he needs a ride somewhere.

Bob’s plan here isn’t even particularly intense.  Frame Krusty for armed robbery and take over his show, making it more literary and educational.  Bart alone can’t conceive of Krusty doing the crime, so he and Lisa look into the scene of the crime and then Bart realizes the clue that cracks the case and frees the clown from jail.

There are some really good details here.  Homer being torn between obeying the law and sending a criminal to jail on one hand and not breaking Bart’s heart are highly evident and a good sign of Homer trying to be a good citizen and a good dad.

Over time, he’ll be less of both of those things.

And can we really go far without praising Kelsey Grammer’s portrayal of Bob?  The refined voice is perfect for Bob’s brand of kid’s entertainment and he has a great evil laugh.  The fact that such a cultured individual has been running around in a bushy skirt and freakshow haircut is a fun dichotomy for comedy purposes.

Krusty, meanwhile, is showing signs of his familiar self.  While he seems to really value his audience, we do see signs of his off-stage debauchery, his gambling habits, and of course his shameless hucksterism.  Who else sells pork products from a kid’s show?

Say, isn’t Krusty Jewish?

And why was the sign saying people with pacemaker’s should avoid the microwave be much of a clue if Krusty was illiterate?  He couldn’t read the sign!

We’re almost through season one.  We have one more episode to go through faster than a flame through a highly flammable pile of children’s toys.