February 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Crepes Of Wrath”


The Simpsons has a bit of a habit of showing the family routinely traveling to other countries.  These trips tend to be controversial many times because the depiction of those countries often showcases the worst stereotypes of that country.  The general reply is the people who come off the worst are always the Simpson family themselves.  Is that true?

I dunno.  Today’s episode has Bart going to France.

It began, as many things with Bart do, with his impulse control and general lack of responsibility causing injuries to both Homer and a surprisingly sweet Agnes Skinner.  Seriously, we will never see Skinner’s mother this kind and sweet to anyone ever again.

The only solution left seems to be deportation.  Fudge some paperwork and send Bart to France as part of an exchange program.

Meanwhile, the Simpsons host a boy from Albania.  The kid’s really a spy looking to get info on the Plant, and Homer’s too oblivious to notice.  He’s just glad to have a sweet boy who seems to respect him for once.

On a side note, the differences in travel between Bart and Adil reminded me of the episode of Parks and Recreation when the Venezuelan parks department came to Pawnee and were clearly traveling better than Leslie Knope and crew could hope to compete with.  For better or worse, Adil is much more polite than Fred Armisen, even when Principal Skinner refers to his country as backwards.

Bart’s own travels are much worse since he’s treated as a virtual slave by the two guys running the vineyard he’s staying at.  They steal his stuff, barely feed him, make him sleep on the floor, and give him wine laced with anti-freeze to taste test.

It’s that last one that saves Bart.  Sending him into town, Bart discovers he has learned French and informs a policeman, who seems to react most to the anti-freeze and not the child labor.

Everything more or less goes back to normal.  Will Bart remember his French lessons in the future?

What do you think?