April 24, 2024

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Two, Two, Two Captain America’s In One (Don’t Call It The 616) Universe


Not to be outdone by DC’s big Justice League special on The CW last night, Marvel had their own special celebrating 75 years of the man with the red, white and blue shield.

During the special Marvel announced that Steve Rogers would be returning to the role of Captain America this summer.  For those not keeping up with the current state of the Marvel U, Rogers dramatically aged in 2014 after losing his super soldier serum and then Falcon Sam Wilson took over the role of Cap.  So with Cap apparently de-aged, juiced up and carrying a new triangular shield that calls back to his first appearances 75 years ago, where does that leave Falcon-Cap?  Status quo it appears, and for the second time in recent memory, the Marvel Universe will have two Captain America’s.

Look for Steve to get his groove back in the “Avengers Standoff” crossover and star in his own title once again this summer in Captain America: Steve Rogers.