May 23, 2024

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Non-Geek TV From The Geek Perspective: Parks And Recreation

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There’s a lot of TV out there, and some of it ended on a high note.

This week, we’re covering Parks and Recreation.

parks_and_recreation_63518What’s the premise?

Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, the show takes the form of a fake documentary/reality show depicting the day to day lives of the people who work for the towns Parks Department, particularly super-chipper go-getting Assistant Director Leslie Knope.

What’s the appeal?

The series came about in part due to the success of the American version of The Office, and has stacked the deck so to speak with a very talented cast of comedic actors, led by series lead Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope.

Anything stand out?

This show is incredibly clever, plays with its own reality concept (as when characters interrupt “confessionals”), and seems to be made up entirely of unique characters played by very funny people.

Just a few standouts include Nick Offerman as Director Ron Swanson, a libertarian who’s basically sabotaging the government from the inside to prove people don’t need it; Aziz Ansari’s Tom, the office’s wannabe lothario/con-man; Aubrey Plaza, as the chronically bored sarcastic put-down machine April; and obviously we need to mention Chris Pratt as upbeat loser Andy Dwyer.

I’m not sure what I can say to sell this show that other people haven’t said better or earlier.

Any downsides?

Um, some people don’t like laughing?