April 16, 2024

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No One Stays Dead In Comics Except Bucky, um, Jason Todd, hmmm…Uncle Ben?


A day after making headlines that there would be a major death in Civil War II that was essentially a marketing ploy, Marvel is proving their point by teasing that someone would soon be brought back from the dead.

So, who could it be?  The first one that comes to mind is Wolverine.  But with an All-New Wolverine only launched two months ago and Old Man Logan now kicking around the Marvel U, that seems unnecessary.  Professor X has a habit of routinely coming back from the dead.  As does Jean Grey, though there is a time displaced version of Jean currently around.  Possibly Namor, but seems a lot of hype for someone who most might not even realize is dead.  There is a lot of speculation online about it possibly being Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben or Original Recipe Gwen Stacy…but does anyone want that?

If you need more fuel for speculation, Marvel’s website has a list of deceased characters, but I don’t know how up to date it is.

This could also be an elaborate headfake.  And not as straighforward as it seems.  Maybe Deadpool is changing his name to Lifepool.  Or StartwritingmysequelPool.  Or some other wink and nod situation that Marvel will tease us with for awhile.

Ryan thinks it would be hilarious if whoever they bring back is the one that gets killed in Civil War II.

And these days it takes no time for parodies to appear online.  See what I mean after the break.