May 19, 2024

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Useless Petition Alert!

george-lucas-600cs051612For reasons unknown…seriously unknown…there’s a petition online to have George Lucas direct Star Wars Episode IX.

Say what?

Look, fans of this idea:  I get it.

You want the man who created the universe to be get behind the camera again and finish off this trilogy.

Have you stopped to consider what happened the last time George Lucas directed a Star Wars movie?

That’s what got us Jar Jar.  Hayden Christensen.  Unromantic romances.  Sand monologues.  A sedated Sam Jackson.  An unasked-for Boba Fett origin story.  And a lot of other things.

Yeah, I know a lot of younger fans believe the prequels are good.  A student of mine recently said Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars film in the series.

Those people are wrong.

Lucas himself has no interest in directing another.  Some stories have come out that Lucas didn’t want to direct the prequels to begin with but couldn’t find another director to take the job on for him.  Whatever Lucas enjoys, directing Star Wars films is not on that list.

And yeah, Colin Trevorrow may not be everyone’s favorite.  Jurassic World was mediocre at best, but there’s only so much you can do with a Jurassic Park movie anyway.  But he’s the guy as of right now.  I’ll still take him over Lucas at this point.

But really, you people are being very inconsiderate of one person:  Ryan.

Are you trying to kill him?

He’s been pretty vocal on both Jurassic World and those prequel films.  Are you trying to give this man an aneurysm?  We here at Gabbing Geek worry about his blood pressure all the time, and by bouncing around the names of not one, but two directors of a potential Star Wars film that he has such a vocal distaste for…I am beginning to suspect the real source of this petition is one of Ryan’s mortal enemies.  Now who could that be…?