May 26, 2024

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RIP David Bowie


David Bowie passed away yesterday.  Now, Bowie was one of those guys who got around, did a lot of cool stuff, and even with acting roles in Geek Favorites like LabyrinthThe Prestige, and The Man Who Fell To Earth, he also had another influence without his direct involvement.

Yes, for the first few seasons (before the whole thing was retconned out), David Bowie was supposedly the Sovereign of the supervillain labor union The League of Calamitous Intent on the Adult Swim series The Venture Brothers.

Anyway, after the cut there’s a fan video of the show set to Bowie’s “Heroes”.  The video seems to mostly feature the Venture’s bodyguard, Swedish Murder Machine Brock Samson, but the Bowie character can be spotted a couple times, once shapeshifting into a bald eagle at the end of the song.  Enjoy.