June 12, 2024

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Where’s Black Widow: Asian Edition


This is tame by comparison.
I haven’t had an article on Gabbing Geek for a while not because I’ve been to lazy or busy, although both are certainly true the rest of the year, but because I’ve been in China and Hong Kong. And while I’m still overseas I did find a couple of things for sale showing the Asian version of excluding female characters from toy sets. While U.S. fans still ask Where’s Rey in Star Wars sets it was only a brief few months we were asking the same about Black Widow in Age of Ultron sets. If you thought replacing Widow with Ultron was bad, check out what they do in China and Hong Kong after the break. 

Up first is a set I found in Hong Kong:

Sure, replacing Black Widow with Wolverine is wrong but at least he’s Marvel. True, he isn’t Marvel Cinematic Universe because Fox, but still Marvel. So this is just a bit worse than replacing her with Ultron because he wasn’t even in the movie. Kids playing with this set will likely have Wolverine say things like “I’m not even in this movie, bub” or “When did you turn white, Nick Fury?” or “Hey look what word I can say: ‘Mutant mutant mutant mutant!'”

But if you think that’s bad then check out this set:

Taking out Black Widow is one thing. Replacing her with a guy superhero is another. Putting in The Thing is close to the Wolverine move above (except Wolverine has been to space).  But putting in Green Lantern–a character from an entire other superhero universe–that’s a whole new level of being a jerk.  

Congratulations, China, you’ve managed to top the U.S. in going out of your way to take women out of their deserved spots in superhero movies!