December 1, 2022

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So, What Was This About The Alamo Drafthouse Preshow?


I took a few days to visit Austin last week, and decided to see if the fabled Alamo Drafthouse is as good as claimed.  I mean, there’s one relatively close to me, but I’d need to cross the Hudson and go to Yonkers to see it, and I’d rather not pay bridge fare and highway tolls every time I want to go to the movies.

But it turned out the Drafthouse actually is as good as the hype.  I had a good time there…actually, I had four good times there.  Part of the fun is the pre-show entertainment.  Now, a while back, Ryan actually interviewed the guy who puts the pre-show together, and he was asked if they wanted to put the pre shows online.  There were some copyright issues involved, but lo and behold (people do type that from time to time), I found a segment of a Star Wars pre show online that just tickled me just right.  See if after the cut.

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