September 26, 2023

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Muppets Episode 10


Episode 10 came the closest to looking like a classic episode of The Muppet Show.  There was still some connections to the current series’ ongoing plots and characters, but there was also a complete lack of jerkass Kermit while the show’s climax was a big Muppet musical number with the episode’s guest star Mindy Kaling.

But the best moment may have been a rather dramatic emotional one.

Fozzie’s relationship with a human woman, Becky, took a turn when she broke it off for his inability to be serious.  Kermit attempted to comfort the distraught bear in time for their annual live Christmas special.  A depressed Santa doesn’t help, and that’s Fozzie’s job.  Fozzie doesn’t think Kermit can help since he broke up with Piggy, and the situation was the opposite.  So, Piggy steps in to help, and Fozzie’s simple earnestness shatters Piggy’s own self-image.

What did Fozzie do?  Piggy was supplementing her loneliness with stuff, and Fozzie remarked how empty her advice was as a warning that he needed to fight for Becky, which he does.

The nice moment?  Piggy realizing she didn’t fight for Kermit and now it’s too late, and then the two have a nice conversation about their relationship.  And then they put on the show.  Kermit was always about putting on the show.

The episode was actually a bit more sentimental than the series has shown so far, probably in keeping with the holiday theme.

But really, they need more Big Mean Carl.  Let’s give the episode seven Big Mean Carl Christmas poetry recitals out of ten.